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Tulsa plumbing customers often ask about clogs or restrictions in there drain basically the water in the drain is not going down there are many things that can contribute to this problem

Drain materials can be the leading cause of this Tulsa plumbing customer problem. Drain materials have changed a few times over the years.   Some common materials used in the past on Tulsa plumbing piping include concrete, orangeberg, cast iron , and clay tile.   The most common material today is sched 40 pvc.   Concrete is great but it’s main weaknesses are the connection and or fittings and over time can become brittle and crack or water and drain liquids can erode the concrete on the bottoms of the pipe away.

Orangeberg.  Came around the end of world war 2  when we used all our best material for the war effort.  Strong dependable piping available at the time was to expensive for Tulsa plumbing piping. New the pipe is light weight and is sturdy.  Time is this pipes weakness after 10 years. The bottoms of the pipe rots away and or curls up from the bottom. Creating many rough edges for debris to snag too and these debris restrictions cause many back ups.  Eventually the pipe resembles paper machet and crumbles.  Drain cleaning tools are very hard on this material.  Cast iron is a good strong pipe. It is very heavy.  It’s weakness is any type of soda or pop.  Soda will dissolve cast iron The fitting are prone to allow roots access to the water in the piping and roots tend to destroy this piping. Clay tile has nothing good associated with this type of piping.    Pvc is fantastic the fittings are good it’s light weight. And acidic foods and liquids don’t do a lot of damage.  Pvc will get weak if exposed to the uv rays from the sun over long periods of time.

Other causes for Tulsa plumbing clogs can be settling of piping.  Drain pipe is designed to work most effective when it has a fall rate of about one inch every 6 feet. Sometimes when the ground underneath the drain pipe settles pipe can get a low spot and or a belly. This disrupts the flow of water carrying solids through the Tulsa plumbing piping.  Solids usually settle in this area and eventually build up and collect to the point a clog can be created.

We recommend to help prevent drain clogs to not put any thing in the drain that is not necessary. 90% of material that goes into the drain should be liquids only.  Do not put any food and or other material that does not breakdown quickly with water such as paper towels and personal products

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