We have been using One Way Plumbing for nearly ten years and they have always been great to work with. The amount of knowledge Chad has in the plumbing industry is incredible.

Their workers are courteous and respectful and always do their best to be on time. If however, they are running late they make it a priority to call and let us know what time they will arrive.

James Lambert

It is so hard to find a good contractor these days. When it comes to my plumbing needs One Way Plumbing is my first pick. Chad and his team are clean cut and always professional when it comes to serving my needs. They have always showed up on time when they schedule an appointment with me. I will definitely be using them on future projects as well as recommending them to my friends and clients.

R.C. Schafer

I have used One Way Plumbing multiple times. I am always impressed with the thoroughness and great attitudes associated with Chad. He has a can-do-it attitude as well as a grateful personable mindset. Our first major call was to replace our 50 gallon gas hot water tank (on a Sunday afternoon). He brought everything with him that was needed and performed an excellent installation.

Philip Obal

We updated our home and One Way plumbing took care of all the plumbing needs we had during the project ! We were on a short time line and they set up schedule to get the work done within our tight schedule, they also found some issues we would not have noticed without their expertise! They repaired the issue and kept us on schedule. I refer them when ever I can and appreciate their professionalism.
Adrienne Steinocher

I’ve used one way plumbing threeish times since moving into our home 6 years ago. Each issue was relatively small, but the scheduling has been prompt. Their work has been top notch, and the plumbers that have come out have always been friendly. I highly recommend their services.

Susan Kubes

We had to have Chad and the guys out a few times, including for the replacement of our water line. They were here on time and worked hard until the job was done. The costs were acceptable, and the work was impeccable. They’re the guys I would call ever time.


As a Realtor, I have many clients that have need for plumbing work. One Way Plumbing has never let me down. My clients have always been pleased and have only had positive things to say about them. I definitely recommend them.

Paul Mattke

Always professional. Easy to schedule with phone rep and called when they were on their way. Work was performed as expected. They had a professional appearance, explained everything, and great attitude. We are very pleased with One Way Plumbing!
Tyler Townsend

We had an old shower (home built in the 60’s) that had begun to leak at the hot and cold handles. Chad’s crew located the parts and were able to keep that shower going without having to remove the tile enclosure or tear into the back of the wall. Thank you!

Park Allwine

Very professional and reliable company. Friendly service and reasonable rates. I would be happy to recommend One Way plumbing to anyone in the market for a plumber.
Stephanie Rose

The company had a plumber here within an hour. The plumber was courteous, knowledgeable and corrected my problem with parts they carry in their van. He showed me the hole in the pipe he replaced and explained what he done. Great company

Theresa DeBon

Got here quickly, did the work quickly and well and explained everything they did clearly and simply. Reasonably priced, too. Highly recommended.

Robert Avakian

One Way Plumbing did the plumbing work on my hair salon. They did excellent work, timely and on budget. And they wear belts! I will use them again.
Greg Cleveland

 Chad and his team do an outstanding job. They listen well, diagnose, then solve the problem. In and out without any concerns. Highly recommend them!
Tim Redmond

Chad has worked on several projects for me. He has been on time, and finished all the work in a timely manner. As the owner of a salon and two homes, One Way is the only company I call.

Natalie Ward

One Way Plumbing did a complete re-plumb on an old home. They did an excellent job.
Pat Harsh

One Way Plumbing has been one of my mainstay subs that I know I can count on to be there when I need them. Would recommend highly to anyone.

Ken Saltink

Experienced, polite and attentive to details. Many jobs completely satisfied!

Mike Eckenfels

Prompt and friendly, did a good job. Five stars.

Mandel Chenoweth

very knowledgeable and professional. Would definitely use again!

Keith Meeks

Chad and his team are always reliable and on time when we need their help with rental properties, current Buyers we are working with, Sellers that need plumbing work before closing on a contract and Past Clients we have referred them to.
RentLink Admin

Always available, always solve the problem, never feel like the price was too high.

Blake Doerr

One Way Plumbing always does a good job at a fair price. I’ve used them to install disposals, fix a leaking pipe, etc.

Erin Collins

One Way Plumbing Testimonials of Tulsa Plumbing

When I entered in the One Way Plumbing we barely just finished using pagers. Being able to adapt to all the changes and communication different devices there are available is key to surviving in the Tulsa Plumbing industry. Who want to be able to communicate with our customers and whatever they feel is the easiest way to communicate. Originally when we started one way Plumbing in the Tulsa Plumbing area. We only communicated with a phone number. And then Pages came along. And then cell phones came along after that. After that came emails social media with Facebook Twitter Snapchat. Then now we have reviews and testimonials that we can get online on Angie’s List or Google online or different types of review organizations. Sometimes reviewers can even get paid for leaving reviews for different types of businesses. This is all in the man because the Tulsa Plumbing customer wants to be satisfied and I’m sure that they’re making the correct decision. This is Fantastic Four One Way Plumbing because we Excel and every area and encourage it. This is also outside of our hands as far as influence. So it is not driven by money or influence that we can involve or pressure our customers into doing this is something that is freely given and as Fantastic Four the community.

Testimonials have become a huge part in being able to get your business out and known to the other Tulsa Plumbing customers. Future Tulsa Plumbing customers are very important. We want to grow and we cannot grow without satisfying more and more Tulsa Plumbing customers. Testimonials are so important as far as letting us know where we have made mistakes how we can correct them so that we can make every Tulsa Plumbing customer feel like they are at home when they experienced any involvement with us. Awesome O’Neill’s are better than reviews. Testimonials are the unadulterated opinion of a Tulsa Plumbing customer. They are free of charge and without influence. This cannot be better for any Tulsa Plumbing business. Unless the Tulsa Plumbing business main goals and focus are not customers. Now if a smart Harvard technician has bought a local Tulsa Plumbing competitors business and is out to make a dollar. He’s going to succeed and make his money. But he will Plateau and level out as to how large and influential he can be on the Tulsa Plumbing customer. See he’s always looking at the numbers in the accounting to figure out how to maximize exert every dollar. But not at one way Plumbing we don’t focus on that we are here for our Tulsa Plumbing customers. This is why we encourage accept and absolutely love every testimonial that’s given out there. Because we are not focused on money we are focused on customers.

Testimonials not only show where we can improve as a fantastic Tulsa Plumbing business. But it also shows deficient deficiencies and other Tulsa Plumbing competitors. Our competitors have many deficiencies.

Testimonials expose all kinds of weaknesses and our Tulsa Plumbing competition. It should have some organizations that aren’t truly out for the customer. They’re out to be efficient in their business and that’s it. Other times it exposes companies that are too large to properly take care of the Tulsa Plumbing customer. These companies are only worried about large jobs. Testimonials can also expose one man operations. There’s nothing wrong with the one man plumbing operation at all in fact I was one-man operation myself for many years. However if you are stuck as a one-man operation then you are not maximizing your benefits you’re not spreading your knowledge to upcoming individuals in the Tulsa Plumbing community in your not actively taking care of all your Tulsa Plumbing customers.

It’s not bad to be a one-man Tulsa Plumbing operation. However that is not a position that you want to get be comfortable in. Testimonials help drive that force and open Avenues and Pathways to see how you can grow your Tulsa Plumbing business from a one-man operation of to a multiple man operation satisfy many job opportunities for the Tulsa Plumbing technicians. Blessing them with families and a proper income to experience their American Dream all the while satisfying the needs of the local Tulsa Plumbing community and making sure that you’re doing a good job because they have a platform to spread their Gospel of how One Way Plumbing takes care of their most prized possession either their business and or home.

Ever since we were young we always knew that God Almighty had something very special in store for us. Being able to bless all the Tulsa Plumbing customers with their most important and and lifelong possessions will endure many generations to come is a ginormous blessing for one way Plumbing it humbles us it gives us Pride at the same time and Texas feel valuable it gives Worth to our life and we actually feel like will really make an influence in the world because everything we touch we want to see that and we want to hear about it in the best Avenue to this day to hear about it is testimonials.

Testimonials and reviews are one of the best blessings that this new technology that is brought to the Tulsa Plumbing industry. Matter where anyone goes in life there is always good people and bad people. In the Tulsa Plumbing customer needs to know who the good plumbers are and who the bad plumbers are. Testimonials and reviews allowed this to happen. The testimonials and reviews are equivalent to the do the handgun back in the wild wild west days. They said Smith & Wesson made all men equal. Will testimonials make every Tulsa Plumbing industry equal. It is the Firepower that is required to bring big companies down and raised little Tulsa plumbing companies up. So good or bad I would encourage every Tulsa Plumbing customer out there to write plenty of testimonials and reviews on any company in any industry that you are in contact or involvement with.