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Plumbing Tulsa drain piping Installation of Tulsa Plumbing drain piping has many types of materials over the years. Tulsa Plumbing customers homes have used cast iron drain piping. Some Plumbing Tulsa customers home have lead drain piping. Most Tulsa Plumbing customers homes use PVC drain piping currently in today’s homes. When it comes to commercial installations most Tulsa Plumbing commercial buildings would use PVC piping for the first one to two stories. Tulsa plumbing codes do not allow PVC piping above two stories due to fires. Usually when PVC piping catches on fire it produces a toxic waste to the Tulsa Plumbing customer. Fires can be a big problem in any Community especially for Plumbing Tulsa customers. You do not want to ever be inhaling any rooms from Tulsa Plumbing drain piping. There are many fire protection systems that we install and our tilso plumbing drain systems. Especially where wall and floor penetrations occur. There are firewalls and commercial buildings to slow the spread of fire and oxygen that will allow the fire to spread. Many of these fire suppression systems are very expensive but they are so worth it to spend the extra money and protect our Tulsa Plumbing customers from any harm of fire or fumes. Most of these fire suppression systems expand and swell in the event of heat. Closing off any path for oxygen or the fire to spread to different rooms. Usually a fire suppression system or a firewall will least be a two-hour wall. This usually means that the fire will take at least 2 hours before it can penetrate that wall and spread onto other rooms of any building or home. This allows most of our Plumbing Tulsa customers to escape and find safe place to be before the fire can do any harm to them. Cast iron piping is very flame retarded you can not set any cast iron on fire. So cast iron is a great material for high-rise buildings. I personally would rather use copper piping as a drain system for high-rise building. Cast iron piping due to pop or I’ve been needed drinks tends to rot away the bottom or side of the cast iron. This could cause leaks and failure in the drain system to the Tulsa Plumbing customer. Cast iron is also subject to vibrations. Earthquakes. This can cause the
cast iron to crack and break. Most Plumbing Tulsa customers do not know how weak cast-iron can be. Cast iron drain pipe is installed with no Hub and can text bands today. And no Hub band is basically a can text band with a metal outer sleeve. This helps hold the kantech band and place and keep the pipe from sagging. Cast iron is a very very heavy piece of pipe. Cast iron is very labor-intensive to install correctly. The framing and support system to support cast iron throughout a building will need to be very Stout to make sure everything works correctly. It is difficult to cut cast-iron and the fittings are very difficult and heavy to move. This can be take up much time and extend the job. All Drain piping must be vented. Event starts when nothing but air or rainwater will be inside of a drainpipe. So as soon as the drain from a lavatory goes into the wall and goes down to the rest of the drain system in the Tulsa Plumbing customers home. Anything that’s above that lavatory that goes in the walls considered a vent. If installing Tulsa Plumbing piping system in a customer’s home the vent from downstairs cannot reconnect to any other Tulsa Plumbing drain piping until it reaches at least 6 to 8 inches above the flood level rim of the Tulsa Plumbing customers fixture above it. This helps to prevent any overflow of the drain pipe system in the Tulsa Plumbing customers home. If I connected the vent from my downstairs lavatory into the Tulsa Plumbing customers drain system Before the Flood level Rim. Then if I have a backup occur upstairs it’ll fill the Tulsa Plumbing drain system overflow into the vent system downstairs and caused the Tulsa Plumbing customers home not to work correctly. The problem would not be noticed because there would be no sinks or items backing up they just would not drain. This creates a big problem and causes of failure in the Plumbing Tulsa home system. If copper is used on a Tulsa Plumbing drain system then there is no need for a separate vent system. This is why I would rather use copper as a drain system on a Tulsa Plumbing customers building in a commercial high-rise. Anything over two stories should not be used having PVC for fumes. Copper is a lot more expensive than cast iron piping. Even though copper is more expensive. You do not have to buy the extra materials to install a vent system. This saves you money on the extra material and labor that you would use to install a vent system on a cast iron or PVC drain system for the Tulsa Plumbing customer. Plumbing Tulsa customers
can offset the cost and sometimes come out ahead by using copper piping. And any scrap metal or pieces from a copper pipe insulation is always recyclable and you are able to get some of your money back recouping some of the expenses and waste. If you have extra piping or fittings from cast iron they are not recyclable and cannot be broken down and turned back in for money. They are a waste and are usually stored for the next job creating more weight and labor that you do not need. This takes up more room in your shop and slows the flow of your business. PVC installation is most common with Plumbing Tulsa customers homes. Copper is not needed and a Tulsa Plumbing customers home because the PVC cost is so much less than the copper installation cost. But when code requires another type of material other than PVC on the Plumbing Tulsa drain system then copper may be a better alternative than cast-iron.