Finish a Tulsa plumbing toilet

Once you have a Tulsa Plumbing toilet set in the place you must next connect the following materials and connections. we will go over connecting the water supply piping to the Plumbing Tulsa toilet. We will go over items like Caulking and tightening the closet bolts. Will go over installing toilet cats or bolt caps to hide the bolts at the bottom of the toilet. And finalizing and testing all the work that we did to set the toilet.

Tulsa Plumbing customers once they have the toilet set in the front of the toilet needs to be on the ground at all times its end it’s time to tighten the bolts down. When we tighten the bolts we always want to go clockwise to tighten them. But before we put the closet bolt down we always want to use the caps come with bottoms that act somewhat like a washer as well and cover the holes on the toilet. They also have that Alder Ridge that they chat cover snaps to to hold it in place. Some of the older Tulsa Plumbing caps did not have bottoms to connect to what we would do is fill the Cat full of putty which would make a soft play dough type material and stick it over the bolt to hide the bolt in the whole and in that putty would kind of hold it in place so it wouldn’t move around when you’re cleaning and or if anything touches it or bumps it to move it. The existing cap have the bottom snap connection but if you have lost that or it’s broken it’s not that big of a deal. You can always use the older method and install putty in the caps and then place them over the bolts when the bolts are ready we’re not ready to set the Caps yet we still have to mess with the Plumbing Tulsa bolts to the toilet.

Before we set the Bulls we always want to install that plastic washer for the cap and then there should be a metal washer that goes on top of that if you don’t have the plastic washer for the cap to snap to you can always just use the metal washer. However the metal washer. Would barely make it over that hole sometimes so you always want to make sure that it has a good grip or connection to the toilet. Sometimes that washer if you get it getting snug on the bolt or the nut it’ll been that washer concave it in a little bit and that’s fine if that happens you don’t want to get much tighter than that because you can sometime break or crack the bowl bottom of the toilet. Where it connects to the bolt. the best way I like to connect the nuts down after the washer plastic piece for the cap and the metal washer down we can go ahead and screw on the nut to the closet bolt connection. We can hand screw the nut down until it’s not to the washers and then we can use any type of wrench that we like I actually have a socket sitting on a socket said I’m sorry a nut driver set that’s hollowed out so the long bolt can slide up in there while you trying to tighten the nut. And that’s my favorite. So when I’m tightening the toilet I’ve broken a few and over tighten them so if this happens to you don’t feel bad even some of the best plumbers that walk there that’s happened to you so feel fine. But on a Telsa Plumbing toilet if you get have a big wrench choke up on it to where you’re holding that real close to the nut that way your force is less. So a good Tulsa Plumbing technician will choke up on his ranch or nut driver and just snuggle up just snag it up and then kind of jiggle the toilet. Then take your Tulsa Plumbing toilet If It Moves a little bit and I get up a little bit more. Half those washers at the bottom started been too much and you still have movement then it may be your flange. That you’re connected to. The flange if it is not secure and in place then yes your toilet will always move to a certain degree. Now that you have your boat license ID in your toilet is straight to the wall in the best way to figure out if it’s straight to your Tulsa Plumbing wall. Is the stand up and look at the toilet and face it. Don’t try to do this while you’re on your knee. This is a poor angle to look at a Tulsa Plumbing toilet you need to be over it and above it till it correctly at it and make sure that it straight.


Now that the toilet is in place or secured as tight as we want to make it on the bolts it may still wiggle some of this time that’s ok as long as the fronts down if you have to shim it in the back. Now I’m good Plumbing Tulsa technician at this point will saw those bolts that when you saw the bolts that extra extended part above the nut that you no longer need. You want to cut these down so that you can fit your cap in place to hide the nuts. If you don’t have a cab there is no need to cut them if you don’t mind looking at them. So you can have the Plumbing Tulsa closet bolts available or Visual and that’s fine there’s nothing wrong with that but if you do want to cover them. They will simply take us off some sort I use a Sawzall but you never cut all the way through the bolt period if you cut through the bolt sometimes that’s all we’ll go a little farther and hit the toilet. And if it hits the toilet then sometimes it’ll ship that porcelain and narrow you would be in a Tulsa plumbing mess. Once the vote has been halfway cut. Now you can take your wrench and grab a hold of the Plumbing Tulsa closet bolt and just give it a little wiggle back and forth and you’ll be surprised at how easy to leave that metal or brass usually twisting how easily it breaks it comes apart. Now that you have that apart you can clip or fill your closet bolt cap full of putty and slide it over your Tulsa Plumbing closet bolt and there you have it you are set you should be able to start attaching the water at this time testing the toilet and then finalizing the toilet with some caulking at the base will talk about connection to the right on the next article and will finish it up on the following with talking it to the base. If you have any other questions or you ever have any problems and you want to try to attend something yourself always give us a call at one way Plumbing 294 3333 again that’s 918-294-3333 one way Plumbing thank you and have a great day