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Plumbing Tulsa copper brazzing How many Tulsa Plumbing customers homes have copper piping that is soldered. However if you are under a slab and you require installation of a copper fitting. Usually the code and requirements for the best installation of your Plumbing Tulsa copper piping is the install that fitting buy brazing the fitting rather than soldering the fitting. Brazing the fitting is much like soldering a fitting however requires much more temperature and the material used to flow between the copper pipe and the Tulsa copper fitting is a much harder material and requires more heat to turn it into a liquid. Most of the time solder material is a LED free soft . originally lots of solder with have lead in it because lead melts at a low temperature and you can solder very easily with it. Plumbing Tulsa knowledge expanding we have learned that led is not good for our digestive system in our drinking water. So we no longer use lead and are solder joints. We used to use lead in the piping coming to the home. We have and seen that a supply of Tulsa Plumbing customers home water supply was installed with a lead pipe. This would be very bad this is be something that one of our Tulsa Plumbing competitors would do to our Plumbing Tulsa customers. They used to think that Tomatoes were poisonous to the human body. Because all of our plates were made out of lead and all-in there’s acid or Carissa materials in tomatoes. And so as you would eat the tomato off of the lid plate you would pick up small traits of lead and become sick from digesting these bed particles. So LED is not a big favorite material for the Tulsa Plumbing piping system for water distribution. Installing Tulsa plumbing copper fittings it’s always recommended to install a fitting above the slab. You only want to use a solid piece of copper pipe below a concrete slab. That means you would pipe a solid piece of copper pipe from one wall back down into the slab and back up into another wall and then back down again to another wall using the fittings up above the concrete so that if there is any leak or the needs to be any repair the weakest spot of the Tulsa plumbing
copper fitting is above the slab. Some of our other Tulsa Plumbing competitors that are not as good as one way Plumbing have installed fittings in the slab before. Most leagues always occur at a fitting that is the weakest spot of the Tulsa plumbing copper system. It’s a fitting must be installed under the slab and I’m Plumbing Tulsa customers home and or business. Then it is always recommended to braise that fitting. Unlike soldering brazing still requires cleaning of the copper. However it does not require any Flex material. However brazing a copper piping fitting does usually require a heavier-duty torch than what is used for a solder joint on a Telsa plumbing copper pipe. Because brazing requires much more heat to install and make the connection properly. Breathing is a lot tougher than soldering and requires a lot more patience. usually you must heat the copper pipe till it is red hot. To be able to braise correctly. When you braze the brazing material usually does not flow all the way through the fitting like you can have it do with solder. Usually braiding brazing seals the outer section of the copper pipe connection. But once the braising is complete it is much stronger seal than the solder copper piping connection. The heat required to raise a copper pipe in a Tulsa Plumbing customers home. Is great. You want to be careful on what torture heat Source you used to create this heat on the copper pipe fittings. Because if you overheat the copper pipe fittings in the Tulsa Plumbing customers home. You can actually melt the copper or put a hole in the copper thus creating a bigger problem than what you’ve had before in your Plumbing Tulsa customers copper pipe system. Can you heat copper to this magnitude you will see black flakes come off the copper I do believe this is the impurities that are still in the copper that did not come out during manufacturing of the copper fittings and pipe. Copper fittings and pipe go through a great deal if he and Manufacturing when they are created. But this does not mean that all the impurities will burn off or out of the copper piping system in the Tulsa Plumbing customers home. Usually you should never have an instance to where you need to brace in a Tulsa Plumbing customers home. Most of the times that we have only braised copper piping is due to a concrete slab or parking lot in the outside of a home or business. And they’re just happens to be copper piping running under that slab. Ever with new technologies and new Plumbing materials out there we no longer use copper really for any outside Plumbing installation. Thus brazing really does not happen anymore. We used to have silver solder sticks which is actually silver material and rods that we would heat up to braise the copper piping. Ways to have these on our truck and they were very very expensive. I can’t remember even purchasing any more brazing or silver solder rods in over 3 years do do do to the new Tulsa Plumbing Technologies. So you can imagine this is a lost art and or soon will be a lost art. Braising or soldering any copper pipe half inch to 1 inch is not that hard but if you ever go to a pipe larger than that that usually requires a couple of torches to solder or brazing requires much torches or you can only do half fittings at a time because by the time you get back around to the other side of an inch and a half or 2 inch copper fitting that backside has cooled at that time. So you must be very talented to make that seal correctly and or go around that fitting several times to make sure that everything melts and reseals together.