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Plumbing Tulsa copper connection s Most Plumbing Tulsa customers homes water piping system is pipe with copper piping. Until about 1995 copper piping has been very popular in Tulsa Plumbing customers homes. Since 1995 most Plumbing Tulsa customers homes now use a new water piping material called Pex piping. Copper piping installation requires a little more time than the newer Pex piping. PEX pipe Excel cost less than copper pipe. However PEX pipe fittings cost quite a bit more than copper fittings. PEX installs much quicker than copper pipe installations. The drawback of Pex piping throughout the Tulsa Plumbing customers home is the fact that Pex piping is loose and flexible so it is much harder to support and make rigid. Copper pipe is a rigid material in supports itself and is easier to get straight and more Plum lines. Most copper pipe in the Tulsa Plumbing customers home is installed using solder or brazing the copper pipe and fitting together. Soldering copper pipe in a Plumbing Tulsa customers home is not that difficult when you know what to watch out for. One of the most important things when it comes to soldering copper pipe is to clean the copper and the fitting tremendously. Most leaks from a copper pipe solder joint are due to imperfections or impurities and the copper that did not get clean before soldering occurred. Most Plumbing Tulsa customers do not know how to solder themselves. And most other Tulsa Plumbing businesses have many technicians that do not know how to solder themselves as well. Sorry is a lost art form due to the new technology and materials used in the Tulsa Plumbing area today. Most new plumbers cannot very well. Most new plumbers are scary when it comes to soldering. You can burn a house down if you are not very careful with your soldering torch. Soldering torches can get pretty hot and sometimes when your soldering can turn copper. Want you to clean your Tulsa plumbing copper pipe we use on the pipe fitting that self either an emery cloth or a sand cloth. You clean the copper pipe fitting by rubbing the same cloth or Emery cloth back and forth over the copper until it shines like new and has a shimmer to it. To clean the copper fitting will use a fitting brush. This is a small brush that uses wire it’s basically a wire brush used in the Tulsa Plumbing
customers home. The wire brush you always twist to clockwise so that the bristles will stay formed. If you twist back and forth in the brush will not last as long. Once the brush starts to wear out you will need to twist back and forth to get the bread the copper fitting for the Tulsa Plumbing customers home clean enough to solder. Once you have the Tulsa Plumbing customers copper pipe fitting and piping clean you are ready to prepare it for soldering. The next thing we will do to our copper Tulsa Plumbing pie is install some flux or an additive that lets the caught the solder flow across the copper. If you do not have Flex on the copper or if the copper is not clean enough when you go to solder to solder will melt and then just stay right there a little tack up on the copper. If you have flux then the solder will flow evenly over the copper piping in the Plumbing Tulsa supply houses there are many different kinds of flux. The re is C flex and it is very corrosive. It will clean copper very well to the point that it will eventually start to eat the copper away. If you’ve ever seen a copper fitting that has green corrosion on the outside. This happens when flux is not wiped clean off the copper fitting once you are done soldering. During the soldering process many Flex materials were turn a black color. Once the copper cools you can wipe that off. We usually recommend wiping off with a damp wet rag. But you never ever wanted to rectally put a wet rag on a hot fitting. You can always damage your solder connection. Most Plumbing Tulsa customers need to use the wet fitting away from a wet towel away from the copper soldered fitting and work its way towards the fitting. As you apply your Tulsa Plumbing wet town to your copper it’ll Steam and you can hear the water in the town evaporating quickly from the heat still in the copper piping. Once you hear the steam in the town not Sizzle anymore from the heat you can move towards the fitting. This allows the fitting in the piping to cool slower slower without damaging or cracking your freshly soldered copper fitting. C-flex is not the only kind of slice there is no crowed and OD has a flux that I don’t know the name of the OD Flex that I’ve used in the past great other than sometimes the solder would only flow on the outside due to the flex did not work correctly and I would have copper fittings blow off due to water pressure. This is very scary and so I never used Audi flux again. We used to is no corrode flux in our
Tulsa Plumbing customers homes this flux would not cause the copper to go black or turn green if not wiped off it did not have a corrosive agent in the flux. Hence the name no corrode. Most Tulsa Plumbing customers homes that have the use of no crowed work just fantastic. However if you have a copper pipe that has some pit holes in it from it corroding or Ducane overtime. No corrode is not strong enough to clean those little pits or if there’s a little bit of water in the piping no crow does not strong enough to overcome the moisture and allowed the solder to flow correctly. So it one way Plumbing we you see Flex. She flexes the best of most expensive Flex there is out there but you can solder Tulsa plumbing copper piping fittings with much less problems using see Flex.