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Plumbing Tulsa copper connection Installing Tulsa plumbing copper solder joints. Uses flux to connect all the solder joints. Once you clean all your Plumbing Tulsa copper fittings and installed the appropriate flux material. It is now time and ready for you to apply your heat. Prepping your area for soldering is very important now that you have your fittings and everything ready to go. You must make sure that you’re not going to catch anything on fire with your torch and heat. We usually like to have a bottle a spray bottle for a Plumbing Tulsa customers home with soapy water. The reason we like to use soapy water is because we can wash her hands with it at in the field. And when you spray it on something that you do not want to catch on fire the soap helps allowed the Plumbing Tulsa water to stick to what you spray with because of the soap. Soap also helps keep the area smelling well because we always want to tell some Plumbing customers to notice a clean smell around us as we’re working. This is pleasing to the senses and help calm and ease the Tulsa Plumbing customer. We always are striving to help and make sure the Plumbing Tulsa customer is happy and pleased with all work and time they have spent with our Plumbing Tulsa technicians. Once you have sprayed all the sheet rock or that you’re going to be soldering now you are ready to apply some heat and solder your Tulsa Plumbing customers copper piping. When applying heat to a Tulsa Plumbing customer copper piping you always want to start with your heat on the pipe itself. Usually we apply the torch heat about a half inch away from the fitting. And then work our way towards the fitting. The reason you always apply heat to the pipe first. Plumbing Tulsa Copper Connection. Is because the pipe actually goes inside of the Tulsa plumbing copper fitting. If you apply heat to The Copper fitting first. Then that fitting gets very hot before he ever gets to the inner copper piping that your soldering too. This can cause the solder not to flow very well at first because of the two different temperatures of the copper piping. So if you apply the comp the Heat to the copper pipe itself first then the heat will travel up and along the pipe going inside the fitting. Then when you apply the heat to the fitting itself it combines with the heat that’s already in the Tulsa plumbing copper pipe. This allows more of an even flow and temperature of heat across the fitting. With a fitting having an Evenflo and temperature this ensures that the solder will float evenly. If you have a cool spot on your Tulsa plumbing copper pipe fitting then when you saw her that portion of the fitting solder will not flow to or if it does it will not flow smooth all the way around the fitting and seal the whole fitting. If you have any water in the Tulsa plumbing copper piping system the water will turn to steam. In the steam will push the solder out of the fitting and cause it to Bubble or cause a leak . Water is the most dangerous obstacle when it comes to soldering a Plumbing Tulsa copper pipe. Dirt and debris from lack of cleaning on a Tulsa plumbing copper pipe is also a major obstacle. But most cleaning it can be overcome is not and is not a great obstacle because it is a controlled obstacle. Most Plumbing Tulsa customers homes pipe even if they are hard to clean can still be cleaned before soldering. However water sometimes will never stop flowing. What can you do if water never stops flowing for you to be able to solder a copper fitting. Plumbing Tulsa Copper Connection. This is a great question and I will speak about how to stop and restrict Copper from damaging your solder joints during installation of your Plumbing Tulsa copper piping system. What you applying your heat cheer Tulsa plumbing copper piping and we’re going to assume for now that you have no water no debris no dirt or anything else restricting the solder flow from your Plumbing Tulsa copper fitting. Your heat’s been applied to your pipe and now you’re on your fitting. When it comes to soldering. Most solder flows towards the heat. If you are brazing the most grazing flows away from the Heat or you almost push the material with the heat. We will talk about grazing and other Tulsa Plumbing customer articles. Soldering once the heat is applied you can take your solder and touch the copper pipe. If the solder immediately turns to a liquid form and flows then you are ready to begin soldering your fitting. As you move your heater and you can also move your solder around with it. What’s the solder has flowed evenly around the fitting you are pretty much done soldering that fitting. Anytime you solder A fitting you want to solder both sides of the fittings in other words let’s say you have a half inch copper tea that your soldering. You do not want to stick two pieces of pipe in that tea and then leave the third hole open. To Sagar later. The reason you do not want to do this is when you heat up that third opening. To solder it you will taking a risk of heating up the joints or solder pieces that you’ve done on the other side of the tea and causing a leak. Anytime you just finished soldering a Plumbing Tulsa copper fitting you do not want to move it until it cools. Moving a Tulsa copper fitting shortly after it’s been soldered can damage the fitting if it is not cool than time. Cooling A fitting too fast after soldering can also damage the copper piping. This can be difficult on construction sites when soldering in a floor joist while framer is hammering or jiggling the wood or an electrician is pulling a wire across maybe a further portion of your copper piping fitting and causing it to vibrate or jiggle while you’re soldering. All this can cause your solder piping.┬áPlumbing Tulsa Copper Connection