Plumbing Tulsa Douglas valve

Tulsa Plumbing toilets have different working parts inside the the Plumbing Tulsa tank system. Toilets inside tanks have a fill valve and what we like to call A Douglas valve. The Douglas valve is wherr the flapper sits. Have you ever wondered what that tube was in the center of your toilet tank have you ever wondered what that flap is that’s attached to the handle in the toilet tank these are all part of the Douglas valve system that goes in the toilet

Mostly Plumbing Tulsa customers Douglas valves are a white tube that consists of having a flapper that’s mounted on top. The flapper is usually attached to the handle inside the toilet tank with a long chain. The Douglas valve for Plumbing Tulsa customers is a fragile peace many times when customers try to change the flapper in themselves without using a Tulsa Plumbing technician. They usually end up breaking the Douglas valve. The Douglas valve looks like a tower with the flapper on the bottom. The Douglas valve Tower plastic part that goes up to the top above the waterline fill line in the toilet. That’s the tube that breaks the most easiest.

When changing the flapper in the toilet Tulsa Plumbing customers need to be aware not to put any pressure on the two that’s rising to the top of the toilet tank a small amount of pressure can crack that tube since it’s been in water for so long. The tube is usually made of plastic. The plastic tube tends to get weak and or damage over time sitting in the water for many years maybe it’s the minerals or contaminants in the water. The water contains much chlorine and fluoride and many Tulsa Plumbing customers would like to add a tablet of chlorine or a gel pack to help keep the toilet clean all these chemicals wage war on that plastic and side of the tank and so the plastic off of the Douglas valve gets weak. So when I tell some Plumbing customer would like to change the flapper they need to be very mindful not to put any pressure on the tube that’s coming up from the bottom of the Douglas valve. Plumbing Tulsa

To replace a Douglas valve there are two to three bolts to paint on the brand of the Plumbing Tulsa toilet that you’ve purchased or that you have existing in your home. There is usually two to three bolts the bolts on the bottom of the tank are called tank to bowl bolts for toilet. To remove those there’s a nut underneath the bowl back of the toilet and on a nut on top inside the toilet tank You’re simply unscrew the nut from underneath. While holding a screwdriver on the top portion of the bolt inside the toilet tank once you have those nuts loose and free you’ll be able to remove the toilet tank from the toilet. Before you can remove the toilet tank from the toilet you will need to turn off the water and disconnect the supply line to the Plumbing Tulsa toilet.

Once the supply line is removed you can remove the toilet tank from the toilet bowl and set the toilet tank down you’ll find that there is a washer that goes between the toilet tank and the toilet bowl that’s covering the bottom part of the Douglas valves. Remove that washer or Rubber and you’ll find that there’s a nut on the bottom of the Douglas valve that you will need to remove an unscrew. This not is quite large and it sometimes you have to put your tools in an awkward position to remove the nut. Worst case scenario you can always saw them that off if it is corroded to the point it will not unscrew. Sometimes A Douglas valve or want to spin inside of the toilet tank while you’re trying to unscrew in this can be very frustrating. Plumbing Tulsa

Once you have removed the nut and pulled the Douglas Vaughan off of the toilet tank you’ll see if there’s a washer as well on the inside of the toilet tank that was on the inside of the Douglas valve. To install a new Douglas now you’ll simply put it back in the hole of the toilet tank. You’ll want to make sure and clean the Plumbing Tulsa toilet tank hole before installing the new Douglas valve. Install the new Douglas valve and Tiny net up with the nut. Now the nut on the bottom don’t Crank that night as hard as you can since the Douglas valve is made of plastic. The placement of the fill tube inside the toilet tank is require some attention. Tulsa Plumbing customer does not want the fill tube to be so close to the fill valve that it hits it or disrupt it you also. You also do not wish to install the fill tube too close to the toilet handle for it might disrupt the chain while it’s in its opening and closing position there for not allowing the toilet to work properly.

Once you have the new Douglas valve in the proper position and tighten up then you may reconnect your flapper to the handle. You can also reconnect the fill valve to the Douglasville fill too. And install the toilet tank back onto the toilet bowl with new toilet tank to bowl bolts. You would never want to reinstall the toilet tank to the toilet bowl with the existing old tank to bowl bolts. Every good Tulsa Plumbing technician will go back with new washers and rubbers for the tank to bowl bolts at all times. You never want to reuse old washers and rubbers due to the fact that they dry out and tend to fail once they’re Disturbed.     Now that we will talk about an other articles how tied to get those tank to bowl bolts in the proper way and procedure to install this tank to bowl bolts due to the packaging and structure to install those tank to bowl bolts incorrectly and you will have a premature leak if not a leak immediately after installing your Douglas valve in your tank back on your bowl of your toilet Tulsa Plumbing customer should always use common sense in logic when installing if you have any other questions you can always call One Way Plumbing at 918-294-3333 thanks