Plumbing Tulsa |  Hot Water Heater Raising

Plumbing Tulsa hot water heater raising A lot of local Plumbing Tulsa customers have questions about raising a hot water heater during hot water tank replacement. Raising a hot water heater was a new code enforcement brought up by the local Tulsa plumbing code officials. Currently today not all water heaters have to be raised. At one time all gas hot water heaters needed to be raised to pass local Plumbing Tulsa code requirements. No longer do gas hot water heaters have to be raised in the Tulsa plumbing code area. As I understand it a few people died due to toxic or flammable fumes that were ignited by a Tulsa Plumbing hot water heater. Most flammable Vapors are heavy and maintain their concentration within 18 inches of the ground floor. Hot water heaters have a handful of different dangers connected with them and an open pilot light on any apparatus for fixture can be very dangerous when it comes to a concentration of flammable Vapors. Most flammable Vapors that are located in a Plumbing Tulsa customers home are usually associated due to a packed garage or closet that contains a Plumbing Tulsa hot water heater. Usually just some standard picking up and cleaning would prevent any of this from happening. However if there are a few steps that the local Tulsa Plumbing technician can do to help save one or two lives they say this is worth it. I believe that anybody’s life is worth it. As long as it doesn’t cost other people their lives to save that one. It’s just a matter of mathematics and Common Sense. We do not necessarily need to change every code in hot water heater to save that life. I think what would have been a better procedure would have been to teach everyone to pick up and maintain a clean environment around a hot water heater thus eliminating any dangers of heavy flammable Vapors. This would be a cheaper route and a more effective route for all for all the Tulsa Plumbing customers and anybody in the future that may get hurt. Just by changing the hot water heater code requirements does not protect the local Tulsa Plumbing customers. Knowledge is the key. You cannot protect ourselves from ourselves by regulation. This cost many Tulsa Plumbing
customers undo an unnecessary cost to their local Plumbing Tulsa homes. Adding extra unnecessary cost to local Tulsa Plumbing customers can create enormous amounts of stress to the families of the Plumbing Tulsa homes. This can cause suicides depression, and death. So just by Saving someone from catching on fire and causing a death because they do not understand the necessity of keeping clean and flammable Vapors away from the Open Flame doesn’t do any good if we protect them and cause undue stress on multiple other people to the point of suicide or divorce and break up because of the stress of money and conversion on their Tulsa Plumbing homes due to a couple of Ogle Tulsa plumbing code officials just with a stroke of a pen. We had in the local Tulsa Plumbing area about three people died in the course of a couple of years due to heavy flammable Vapors collecting around a hot water heater. The pilot light was exposed to the heavy flammable Vapors that are about 18 inches off the ground and a local Tulsa Plumbing customers home. Actually most of the deaths were not in a Plumbing Tulsa customers home. They were scattered throughout the whole state of Oklahoma. From the way I understand it the local Tulsa Plumbing electric company saw an opportunity and seized it since the local Tulsa Plumbing media exposed the deaths and took advantage of the The Compassion of the local Tulsa Plumbing customer. The electric company brought more drive to the local media Tulsa Plumbing outlets and officials saying this is dangerous and Ludacris. Why Would we not change the code to save some people. We’ll common sense and logic was not used in making this decision it and they did not read further than that first paragraph of yeah why don’t we make this safer. So the code was changed due to the electric company wanting the gas company to have to raise all the hot water heaters to meet the new code laws.
Thus the electric company knew it would be cheaper to change a hot water heater to an electric hot water heater rather than meet all the new required code upgrades for a gas hot water heater. So the local Electric Tulsa Plumbing company was not concerned at all about the safety of the Plumbing Tulsa customers they were only in it to acquire more money and power for themselves. Just like anything in the in karma always comes back and justifies and correct the imbalance and the lies that perceived for many years. The local Tulsa Plumbing gas company invented a filter on their hot water heaters. Not only is a flammable Vapor heavier it is more dense than oxygen. It will not pass through simple stream filters Like Oxygen can. So the local Tulsa Plumbing hot water heater company for gas invented a sealed chamber for the pilot on the gas hot water heater and put a filter that only allowed thin Vapors to pass through it which are not flammable such as oxygen. Thus a hot water heater can sit on the floor that is gas and not start a fire in the middle of a whole bunch of flammable Vapors. Then the local Tulsa Plumbing gas company proved that a hot water heater can have a spark if it is electric. Thus the code now has to read that only electric hot water heaters have to be raised and gas hot water heaters that have a closed combustion chamber no longer have to be raised. So the greed of the local Tulsa Plumbing electric company has come back to bite them now and so only they are punished for their greed. And the local Tulsa Plumbing customer is punished. The local Tulsa Plumbing gas hot water heaters however they do not need to be raised anymore. Due to the new design required to meet the local Tulsa plumbing codes that they passed without logic or common sense. Do not work as well as the original Tulsa Plumbing hot water heaters. There are more parts to the new hot water heaters that are gas. And these parts fail and do not work as long as the exhaust Elsa plumbing and hot water heaters. Originally gas Plumbing Tulsa hot water heaters lasted about 25 years.
But due to this little bitty play with the local Tulsa plumbing code officials and the electric company. It is cost the Tulsa Plumbing customer thousands upon thousands of dollars to convert their homes up and raised hot water heaters and now back down to lower hot water heaters and nobody is safer because of it.