Plumbing Tulsa hot water heaters


[00:00:02] This chad with Tulsa plumbing one way.


[00:00:09] I here to talk to you today about hot water heaters. There are many different plumbing Tulsa hot water heaters out there some off the top of my head or gas natural gas hot water heaters propane hot water heaters electric water heaters they have solar hot water heaters they have thermal hot water heaters. that pretty much covers the basic topic. Who they are.


[00:00:38] They come in all different shapes and sizes as well. They come down as far as tankless where there’s no gallons stored that are on it. It’s all on demand. Or you can go from a two gallon hot water heater all the way up to a boiler or over 100 gallons hot water heaters have changed many times over the years. When I first started plumbing Tulsa and I saw a cast iron hot water here and had all kinds of different ports connections and gauges on it some like I’ve never seen before. It was about 100 years old and it was still working. We had to remove it because of the debris and the water had filled up to the top. So back in the early hot water heater days they were made and made to last quarter heaters today till the last anywhere from 10 to 15 years in the warranties on them. After about three or four years I don’t know how good they are. They’re usually pro-rated.


[00:01:53] They do not cover Tulsa Plumbing the labor and materials for replacement parts or replace my hot water heater.


[00:02:01] So. You’re still without hot water for a period of time if the tank isn’t available. Usually Tulsa Plumbing tanks are pretty available so it’s not too bad. It’s more when you get hot water heaters for tank water heaters. That Tulsa plumbing customers tend to get a little bothered by it because you have to wait a few weeks for everything all the plumbing system be shipped to Tulsa from their supply houses so that we can replace the parts or the units. And sometimes I can take up to a week or so unless you get it over my dead end shipping what we like to do with standard hot water heater for plumbing and Tulsa is a 40 gallon gas hot water heater. This is for a three bedroom one or one and a half bath home. I’ve heard great from that would be a 50 gallon gas hot water heater. And that’s usually a true story of maybe a fourth bedroom two and a half baths 50 gallon gas hot water heater is very economical for pricing and is the standard a 30 gallon hot water heater even though it’s smaller than the 40 and the 50 it tends to cost the most probably because they don’t make them as much. 30 gallon plumbing Tulsa heaters are really only used because they do not have a big enough cause it to house a larger hot water heater and or a single room home like a studio apartment and they just need it.


[00:03:52] I would still get a 50 person personally.


[00:04:01] No the government gets in and makes you change Tulsa plumbing hot water heaters per their specifications from time to time and.


[00:04:11] I’ll go over some of those and some other articles. But one that just is hindering us now or in this current period of time is they’ve made the insulation around the hot water heaters that required an increase in them and then increase the hot water heaters by two and a half inches. And so most people in Tulsa plumbing that had 50 gallon gas hot water heaters in their home doing just fine.


[00:04:38] Fifteen years later they’re in their tanks replaced and we’re having to rip out the door frame and everything to get a 50 gallon back in them for they’re having to settle for a 40 gallon.


[00:04:49] And the main difference between a 40 and a 50 gallon hot water heater in Tulsa plumbing system is the difference is probably a 12 minute shower to a 20 minute shower and or two quick showers versus you can’t get two showers out of a 40. So.


[00:05:06] They can put a strain on the struggle on the Everard’s Tulsa plumbing customers house in the local area.


[00:05:18] Tankless on demand hot water heaters are pretty popular now a days they’re supposedly more efficient.


[00:05:30] They supposedly take up less room and they’re supposed to last longer.


[00:05:37] No only true reasons I’ve ever seen to get a tankless system is a you’re never there. So you don’t ever use hot water or be so much hot water you run out and that would be the only applications.


[00:05:54] Because when they are in use they usually use five times as much gas when they’re heating as a traditional hot water tank. So even though it may heat up on its own just to stay hot and have that water the water readily available.


[00:06:14] It may not heat up five times throughout the day. It may only be once or twice. And so when you use your tankless once it’s like he’s almost a whole day’s worth of hot water in a hot water tank.


[00:06:30] The other reason for a Tulsa plumber would be my get jacuzzi tub or garden tub an oversized tub that is very popular and me mean homes of Tulsa and the local area.


[00:06:47] And the 50 gallon if you turn it just straight hot water no cold whatsoever and turn it in and let it run until it runs out and it’ll fill up that tub half full and then it’ll turn to kind of lukewarm cool water and then eventually it it’ll be cold but that cold will kind of warn that super hot water and you’ll have a decent bath. You can almost make it work with a 50 gallon but it’s close. A lot of people like to drink when the tub so cool. Drain the water down some and it’s want to fill it back up with a 50 gallon you have to wait 20 to 30 minutes before you can do that again.


[00:07:27] And with a Tulsa plumbing on demand system you can do that immediately.


[00:07:32] So the best Those are the two aspects. You have a tub and then someone wants to take a shower. On-Demand system works great or instantaneous that Tulsa plumbing. Customers really enjoy that tank system because the cost to install it is nowhere near what I think is the. When we’re plumbing Tulsa homes. We like to use a two tank system where they feed each other. It’s basically endless hot water and that satisfies that. However if one tank goes out you always have the other so you’re never without hot water and you can turn one down if you want to be efficient there just to will. And if you ever need to I’d say the city’s pipes have frozen busted or you’re in Flintridge Michigan. And if you have that tank supply system we turn the water off and you lose it. Tulsa plumbing system had to 50 you have a hundred gallons of fresh water drinking water right there at your disposal if you so would need it. So it’s a neat survival. If the system shut down for a while strategy that take the space wise for a tankless system to fit in a Tulsa plumbing home would be two versus a tank system is about the same. The only difference I would say would be you could get it you could pull it tankless it comes out it’s like a two foot square which is what a tank would require and probably 30 inches on the tank to fit on a tankless system. However with it take the system the bottom half could be opened for storage whereas a tank goes all the way to the ground.


[00:09:36] The only other items that I would say that I would recommend is with a tank system for our Tulsa plumbers.


[00:09:54] Is that is not does not require a filter for use. But all of our plumbing Tulsa homes that have a tankless on demand system we always install a water filtration system before the unit because there are so many working and moving parts in a Tulsa plumbing tankless system.


[00:10:23] Versus a tank and they’re very temperamental.


[00:10:29] So the smallest little bit of debris or disruption can make the system not work together and ultimately fail where you don’t have hot water.


[00:10:45] Plumbing Tulsa homes with different hot water heaters is always unique in it challenging you got to configure the gas system you have to configure the vent in the water distribution lots of hot water heaters have recirculating pumps.


[00:11:03] There are also many different brands and manufacturers of hot water heaters. And there is a difference. Some companies are not very good at tankless systems but very good at tanks.


[00:11:16] And so to maneuver and to know all that you would just have to talk to a plumber that works in Tulsa like me because it takes a long time to learn. Plumbing Tulsa And it’s funny because they may be good a few years and then start falling off and not be very good after that. So it takes an ongoing education of all of the tools the plumbing hot water heaters there are out there.


[00:11:45] So caution all my Tulsa plumbing customers know all hot water heaters are the same some.


[00:11:53] Years in their warranty. So the get you to buy it. The warranty is no good. It doesn’t matter.


[00:12:00] Who cares if your warranty is 12 years if you’re without hot water for three days or four days and you start to pay a plumber or two or three hundred bucks to get that through part. So Tulsa plumbing customers really only save yourself $60 by buying an.


[00:12:18] 12 year warranty versus a seven year warranty. Here’s a look. Watch for the marketing tricks. Energy efficient like the tankless. They say they use less gas that’s only true if you don’t use them. Lots more. Just use your common sense. Talk to a plumber. You can always give us a call one way plumbing 2 9 4 3 3 3 3 plumbing in Tulsa is not hard. It just takes time to think it over and use a little bit of common sense. Thanks again I’ll talk to you a little more.