Plumbing Tulsa hot water tank vents


[00:00:02] Hello Today we’ll talk about it being for Tulsa plumbing customers homes.


[00:00:12] There are many different types of materials used in venting out. There for a hot water heater or an On-Demand Tulsa plumbing system heater.


[00:00:26] There are many. We use many of the same materials as a heat and air company on a furnace with use. There is some hot water heaters that are so efficient today that you can use PVC schedule 40 of that.


[00:00:45] So there’s many different options and topics and brands and styles out there of costs and functionality that will go over as we talk about our plumbing.


[00:00:56] Tulsa customers homes.


[00:01:09] Piping to use for an event is PVC PVC is fantastic its easy cut easy to put together and easy to penetrate the roof and put a flashing on it.


[00:01:27] Doesnt have many restrictions on where and when it can go have the manufacturer of all heaters has a specific recommendation for the length of piping off of the hot water heater.


[00:01:43] I do believe it’s somewhere between 30 and 75 feet that they do not depend on the manufacturer or they do not want the total development of the pipe to exceed. Now the rule of thumb for plumbing Tulsa vents through the home is every 90 or elbow degree turn is considered five feet of pipe. So every time you have to use a feeding it counts towards your foot footage so most still support me in homes the vet likes to go through the roof with no fittings so that you get your maximum develop late.


[00:02:37] Now 45 degree or half an elbow is considered two and a half feet. Just like an elbow is considered five feet. So theres not too many reasons to put an elbow in the system there would be extreme but usually most of the time we go over the location before we get that far into it and decide the best path and plan to take care of our Tulsa plumbing customers. Now the.


[00:03:06] Metal pipes or double walled pipes that pipes can go through.


[00:03:15] They have some swivel 90s that can almost turn and just about any direction go from a 90 degree in all the way to a straight pipe. So depending on how your configuration is it has three or four joints that twist and turn you can pretty much come up with any direction whatsoever which is really nice. You usually connect a single wall metal pipe to the actual fixture. That’s the Tulsa plumbing customers home and you screwed it with a small metal screw and then put some silver or foil tape type of taping it connects and activates the glue in the tape when it gets warm and then the middle part of the strip can handle the heat it doesn’t disintegrate so it kind of seals the connection with a thin layer of metal. Again


[00:04:18] self.


[00:04:23] Plumbing Tulsa Metal Vents usually goes single a wall until right before it exits that room that the actual fixtures and that’s being vented. Usually right before it exits it change transitions to double wall metal piping.


[00:04:43] And the reason behind most of this is double wall metal piping has to be at least an inch away from anything that can be flammable and that’s considered safe.


[00:04:57] On single wall venting for Tulsa plumbing customers homes has to be at least six inches away from anything that’s flammable before it’s considered safe. So you can imagine going up through wood Joist and with attic saying six inches away from all kinds of wood is very difficult.


[00:05:19] And strapon So the best plumbing Tulsa strapping system for your Tulsa plumbing metal pipes is to go with double wall and strap it about an inch away from any where it is not as difficult especially with some metal straps that you can wrap around the pipe to kind of hold it in position and usually never screw into a double wall pipe. That’s because the double wall the one access is all the exhaust goes through this inner chamber of the Tulsa plumbing vent system. And then you have an outer chamber that fresh air that’s conducting all that heat and travel in there. And the exhausting that out as well.


[00:06:10] So if you put the screws through it then you can kind that all that he can exhaust out into the room and escape and you want want it to be able to escape from the confines of my being.


[00:06:21] And that’s also for me no since you can’t really put a screw through the Tulsa plumbing metal double wall system. What we do is we still use the foil tape and wrap it around the joints in each joint to secure them. Now I have some Tulsa Tulsa plumbers that are not as good as one way plumbing. They take a big piece of that foil tape and try to wrap it around and you’ll find it’s kind of like working with regular foil.


[00:06:56] It’s really easy to kind of band again.


[00:07:02] What I’d like to do is tear off a cut multiple short pieces of the foil and then wrap it around my Tulsa plumbing customers that pipe one direction and then the other one the other direction go in opposite ways connecting both of them together. And that seems to hold better. And it looks a lot better because you stay in line it doesn’t start to turn and walk down the pipe.


[00:07:32] Now transitioning to the metal pipe through the top is hard. You have to install the flashing first and then push your pipe through the flashing of the Tulsa plumbing roof system the ones through the flashing strap it makes sure it’s tight. You’ll still be able to see daylight through the fashion that’s fine you need to get up on the roof in that color slides over the pipe which goes over the flashing. I like to take that metal tape and or heat proof caulking and put a bead around where the pipe touches the flashing then put the color over top and put another bead around that to secure it. Then finally on top you want to put your cap secure it tightly and then the last thing you want to do is check the roof line into the plumbing. Tulsa home and make sure that you’re about at least two feet high above the roof and at least a foot away from the side of the roof if it’s a very steep pitch then you want to make sure you’re good for a half or so away. You can always re flick to the Tulsa plumbing codebook to get the exact measurements. Now on a PVC penetration through the roof it requires a completely different flashing and the flashing doesn’t come with a car because it’s a PVC flashing that has a rubber boot or membrane around it and that sealed it.


[00:09:10] However I don’t like to rely upon that because those rubber boots do dry out and you don’t ever want to have a plumbing Tulsa leak inside a customer’s home or from the roof. So I always still put a bit of caulking around the rubber parts so that it seals extra tight can never do too much for your Tulsa plumbing just room and then they gets about two feet above the earth to 90s or dog years facing back down.


[00:09:45] So rain cannot go into the pipe or it has a transition cap as well.


[00:09:50] You can install.


[00:09:56] On the On-Demand now naturae Electric also boiling hot water heaters do not require a fit.


[00:10:05] But on the on demand or instantaneous Tulsa plumbing heat hot water heaters they use a number of different pipes some manufacturers require that the use of their own brand of piping. Some manufacturers require a stainless steel pipe which is many of the original on demand heaters.


[00:10:31] Many of them new on the main heaters have gone to a PVC piping but it needs to be not the weakest PVC it needs to be a stronger PVC schedule 40 strength PVC which is the most common and then the other most common which is stronger than a schedule 80 which I guess is double the strength and its usually a grey color. Thats not required on any of the current tankless water heaters. Only the skids 40 years of Foom coor or. So core type of piping is on a schedule anything. And that is not recommended for any type of pressure or heat that piping that plastic will just melt eventually above the heater and fall apart.


[00:11:26] That’s not that’s not good for any of our supplies.


[00:11:34] We can go over all the different types of piping for the on the main heaters. At another time we were just focused on the textile type heaters.


[00:11:44] How far we can run them what to look for what not to look for some of the obstacles to overcome. If you need any other Tulsa plumbing instructions from some of the best plumbers in Tulsa you can always get a one way plumbing call at 9 1 8 2 9 4.


[00:12:09] 3. Thank you and have a great day.