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[00:00:01] Hello Chad ward here I’ve had some Tulsa plumbing customers. Ask me a question about lavatories and the way that they drain. Not all lavatories drains the same. Some of plumbing Tulsa lavatories drain faster than others. Some slower. A lot of times it depends upon the type of piping that’s in the walls or if the house can be older some Telcel plumbing homes are built quite a bit older and the dreams are made of the web and cast iron. And sometimes those drains will drain slower than the newer model Tulsa plumbing homes with PVC piping and new materials. Let’s assume that all the piping in the wall is clean and clear and in good shape. So what we need to do is figure out what the Tulsa plumbing drains might drain a little slower than say others and other. There are a few reasons why a drain would drain slow.

[00:01:11] Couple off the top.


[00:01:12] I remember this one time I went out I was plumbing Tulsa customer his house and he had a slow drain and we went there and took it apart and found the shower cap or cap to a bottle falling down in the drain and got in March. And this was the problem of his slow draining system.


[00:01:34] Most people know this.


[00:01:35] That is if they shave or trim any type of hair beard and it goes down the drain for some reason the material or type of content the shaving cream and soaps the way they foam up it seems to have those hairs tend to stick to the walls and the pipe being slowly build up over time like arteries. And what you have to do for the plumbing Tulsa lavatories is get that cleaned out and then restrict the flow. That’s what we want to start with the lavatory is also known as a sink and sink has a faucet on it. The faucets water controls the hard cold water sometimes they have one handle. It’s also put in homes have to have those some of them now are touchless but usually high on the left the cold is on the right. You’ll do it right. You try to turn the water off righty tightly lefty Lucy to turn the water on some handles. Some are just a quarter turn. What we’ll do is we’ll turn the water on. We’ll see how long that water takes. To collect into the sink. Basically the water is draining as long as it’s draining. There doesn’t appear to be a problem but when it backs up that’s what we’re trying to resolve. So if it takes. 15 to 20 seconds maybe a minute or two to back up then you’re clogging usually further down the pipe. So what we want to address today is just cogs that are shallow or not is. Into plumbing Tulsa the piping system.


[00:03:23] And what you want to do is locate pop this pop up assembly is this lever mechanism where you can use to.


[00:03:38] And then the pop of the center in the bottom of the thing for the Tulsa plumbing comes goes down and then it lodges in the drain area and holds the water and then you push the rod down and the public assembly raises and water goes out.


[00:03:54] Usually those pop ups are connected to the drain with a raw I mean some of them have been taken apart or loosely placed in the drain and don’t really attach. Either way is fine but if it’s loosely in there could fall and not really be upgraded with the. Roof. So if that happens and usually you can get a knife. Most Tulsa plumbing customers get a knife and pry open a screwdriver but when we want it to put on Tulsa plumbing homes and their lavatories we like to keep everything connected so that there isn’t a problem in the future. And if it’s easily taken apart and moved remove debris if it’s not connected. You simply want to do is pull it out. And run some water. If the clock does it your way then you can use a plunger. There is what is called an overflow on the lavatory. So if the water gets too high there should be a hole in the lavatory where before overflows on the floor to keep running it goes down the line and down the hall and down the drains to keep an overflow from happening. So you want to locate that hole. Most Tulsa plumbing homes have that hole. It’s working out where the customer can see it unless he sees it through the mirror it


[00:05:16] Is usually closest to the body or point that hole with a damp wash bottle thing and then that way when you use the plunger all the pressure will not be lost to the vent called this little plague that will plunge. This works pretty good.


[00:05:32] And it’s a lot more hair wrapped around the rod that attaches to the top of this. If this is the case you want to go under the Telcel forming. Homes counter to your lavatory and you look back at the bra and you’ll see the mechanism go up and down. Now it’s all attached and easily enough. That’s around this ball somewhere or rod that’s connected to the pop up you’re simply losing that not pull the right balance. And then I stick my finger over the hole. Usually that’s enough tightness to keep it from leaking. And then I will flush the system again and we plunge it with my fingers still. It’s a little tricky with one hand when I’m plumbing Tulsa customers homes.


[00:06:22] We get pretty able to tackle all kinds of responsibilities. So what we want to do is put our hand over the hole and then we’ll plunge it at that time.


[00:06:32] I would say most of the time the debris will move on down the drain at this time. And usually the pipes are larger on the wall than what’s directly underneath your seat your sink drain is usually an inch and a quarter inch diameter. When it comes out most of the smallest pipe in that wall is an inch and a half. We like to do too much because.


[00:06:54] It’s also Tulsa plumbing customer homes. We want to do it quickly and always oversized anything that we can when it comes to plumbing Tulsa. There’s so many changes in the future. Add on an. Increase in usage. You never want to go can’t be. Just to save a few pennies here and there. Now other Tulsa plumbing businesses that go out and handle. Plumbing tells the customer it how. They say every dollar they can which is smart in business but it’s poor management when it comes to taking care of customers and they may cut corners and you run into problems later. So we like to use large apartments a little bit to inch in the wall and so you have an inch and a quarter drain going into a two inch pipe. So anything you’d dislodge an instrument for and it goes on down.


[00:07:48] It should have really plenty of room to wash on down to the city drain. Once it hits the wall.


[00:07:59] Now if you’ve done this working at so clogged up then yes you have to get a towel or a bucket put on the back because the clog is further damage could be in the P-trap. And we’ll get into that and couple other articles. But right now we’ve established. That. Through the pop up assembly right there which is the first connection and the first opportunity that any frog has to restrict the vomitorium is right there at the top of the assembly you’ve established it’s. Your clog is no longer right there. So you want to reconnect everything back up so you don’t have any loose ends you don’t want to start projects and have a whole bunch of stuff scattered out before you put it back together if you need to. So let’s put the pop up assembly back in. It has. Definitely has a bar that goes to the back you’ll see and I’ll pull the pop up assembly down and you’ll take that Rod and slide it with the ball joint assembly on it and then that underneath the same slide back into the pop open. You’ll know because with your left hand you grab the other ball on it your right hand has the bar underneath the lever does the plumbing of the Tories and. You’ll tighten the bar and feel that feel it. Now. All these parts are mainly plastic but usually the rod and back that you’re tighten up. It’s a metal type of material.


[00:09:28] And so what most self-supporting customers where they make the mistake is they decide to go to Wal-Mart or Home Depot and get some Tulsa plumbing drain-o them down the drain. But when you’re in Tulsa plumbing homes and you have metal rods drain it is basically an acid. And what it tends to do is eat away at the right. So when you go and have a problem that the future is so great you take the top of the symbole out where you disconnect the rod assembly that drain over time even if it did unplug your drain. What is done now is going to eat away at the inner being of your drain system and lots of times. Either way that raw and rusted out prematurely before it needs to and you’ll be replacing a new drain is certainly at that time. But with the costs. It makes more sense to do the whole lavatory is not too much more so to save yourself on having to purchase a new lavatory fossa. Before it’s necessary you would want to stay away from drowning and use other techniques other than any type of drain and clogging liquid or foam. The best way to get drains unclog is just to take apart and remove the restriction. Inclosing put it like it’s all my Tulsa plumbing customers. This is the first that you go through. Those are systematic steps to go through and clogging drains and this would be the first one and the easiest one. And the one that’s that happens the most. Now we’ll get into clogs in our Tulsa plumbing. P-trap laboratories and what we’ll do is we’ll get into clogs and then the walls of also forming homes a little further down.


[00:11:28] There’s many other aspects that could cause a clog in the lavatory like I said before we found soap bottle cap. The one I described before was like a hair clog or from shaving debris. Most guys like to shape their face at the laboratories in front of the mirror in the bathroom. I personally recommend shaving the shower or the shower has to change P-trap brain. Where is your lavatory is usually an inch and a quarter to an inch and the shower drain. I guess with the amount of water flow it does tend to clog up in the shaft and that doesn’t affect the drain as much as shaving in the shower. So I would recommend doing that and on lavatory. It doesn’t hurt it. But just wash it down and if you do get a slow drain that’s probably what it does. It can get flushed out pretty easily. Couple other items that could be causing a slow drain will get into later. But the pop up assembly may not have enough room sometimes with the putty and the pop it was somebody put in the putty plugs a ball the vent holes and causes it to drain. So there may be. Issues where the exhaust in the wall that no piping can leave to allow room for the water sea air takes up the volume and the drain pipe and that system where the water is going if you add water into that system it creates more volumes that the air has to go somewhere. It’s either going to compress it or it needs exhaust somewhere. So that’s usually why we have that in the laboratory vents up through the roof. If it doesn’t do that then other causes brands as well.


[00:13:27] But I’ll get into that and a few other articles if you have any other questions or any Tulsa plumbing questions whatsoever for how to call. Tell us how to handle plumbing and Tulsa homes. You can always give us a call. Our number is 9 1 8 2 9 4 3 3 3 3. I hope that you have a wonderful time and enjoy yourself working on the lavatories till next time. Goodbye to all my Tulsa plumbers out there. You have a great day.