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Plumbing Tulsa PVC water pipe Most Plumbing Tulsa customers homes water piping system is installed with copper or Pex piping. Another cheap version of water distribution piping is with PVC. There are many different types of PVC there’s foam core cell core schedule 40 schedule 80 and so on. Most Tulsa Plumbing water systems that use PVC for water cannot use cell core of for foam core due to these PVC piping systems cannot handle high pressure. So if you’re going to install water piping in a Tulsa Plumbing customers home you want to use schedule 80 or schedule 40 PVC water piping. Schedule 80 Tulsa Plumbing water piping is usually grey in color and has a thicker wall thickness. We always use schedule 80 when it comes to fittings on a Plumbing Tulsa PVC water line. The reason we use schedule 80 fittings is they are twice as strong as schedule 40. When you have a a male adapter on a PVC fitting the weak spot is where the threads end in the PVC female part begins. Since installing threads Cuts away half of the thickness of the PVC wall. There’s a weak spot at the end we’re all the stress from the waterline puts on the PVC Schedule 80 fitting or schedule 40 fitting right where the end of the male threads connect to the female part of the adapter. Many other common fittings such as 90s and 45 are also common in PVC for water piping distribution in the Plumbing Tulsa home. I have seen PVC 90s eventually blow out the back of the 90 due to the water pressure and volume of the water constantly beating against the back of that PVC fitting. We’ve also seen the glue used to install PVC in a water distribution system breakdown and eventually the fitting come apart. This is probably most common due to a lot of people do not wait long enough to turn the water on and pressurize the PVC Tulsa Plumbing piping system. When installing PVC piping and a water line. Usually want to wait at least 24 to 48 hours before turning on the water to the Tulsa PVC water distribution system. Depending on which glue and primer that is used to install the Plumbing Tulsa PVC water distribution system can vary the amount of hours you need to wait before turning or pressurizing the PVC plumbing Tulsa water distribution system. There is what we refer to as blue glue gray glue and regular clear glue. Clear glue sets up the takes the longest to
set up in the Tulsa Plumbing PVC system. Second is gray glue. Gray glue sets up fairly quickly or decent but it’s a thick body to make sure that every inch is coded inside of the fitting in the pipe making a good solid seal. Blue glue is a fast setting glue it sets really quick and can smear a little bit but usually when you install a PVC pipe into a PVC fitting in the Tulsa Plumbing home. You always give it a quarter of a turn twist to a half turn twist to make sure you have a good seal when you glue a Tulsa Plumbing PVC water distribution pipe. When installing or connecting the pipe to the fitting. You always use primer first. What you do is take your Tulsa Plumbing primer and swab the end of the pipe. And then you swap the inside of the fitting. Now whenever you swab or wipe the primer onto the pipe and fitting onto the pipe you do not want to wipe more than the death of the fitting. The reason you do not want to wipe more than the depth of the fitting. Is because this way you’ll know that you pushed the PVC pipe all the way inside of the Tulsa Plumbing PVC fitting. This ensures that you’re all the way inside and you didn’t only go half or quarter the way. Once you have primered your piping for your Tulsa Plumbing home water distribution. Unite you install glue. You apply the glue the same way you did as the primer. Again on the pipe do not primer or glue past the depth of the fitting that the pipe is installing inside them. This ensures our allows you to know and make sure that you’ve glued the fitting up properly. Again once you install the pipe inside the fitting you always give it a quarter to a half turn to make sure that the seal is proper and your Plumbing Tulsa distribution water system. One Way Plumbing never uses PVC inside of a customer’s home. We feel PVC is a cheap installation of water distribution system for a Tulsa Plumbing customer. It is cheap and fast. However it is also a guarantee break in the future. PVC will not last 50 years without a break. PVC may not last 10 years without a break. You all never one install PVC on a slab home. If PVC is installed you would like for it to be under the home in a crawl space or out in the yard. We used to install PVC on the supply line from the city Tulsa Plumbing water meter to the Plumbing Tulsa customers home. Now that pecks has come on the market and does not cost that much more we now only do water service from the Tulsa meter to the Plumbing Tulsa customers home with Pex piping. The back in the day we used to use PVC quite a bit. You never want to use any PVC on a hot water distribution system
inside of a Plumbing Tulsa customer’s home. Tulsa Plumbing hot water distribution is always installed with CPVC. If you have any other questions about installation of a water distribution and a Tulsa Plumbing customers home you can always call One Way Plumbing at 918-294-3333 thank you and have a fantastic weekend. Always be safe and you can call us anytime before or during work whenever you try to do any home projects yourself in your own Tulsa Plumbing customers home.