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Plumbing Tulsa scheduling appointments Scheduling a Tulsa Plumbing Service call can be very different depending on what Plumbing Tulsa company you call. Some Tulsa plumbing companies mimic the style of the Cable Guy. They usually just tell you what day and sometimes not even a.m. or p.m. for their appointment. If this drives you crazy period question mark if this destroys your own schedule? if this shows a lack of respect for your time? Or if this place is zero value on your time? Then you need to change your behavior and call One Way Plumbing at 918-294-3333. Scheduling an appointment and give me a customer a time of when you’re going to be there is very important. If you as a Tulsa Plumbing customer take off work to meet an appointment for a home repair period Then you are already losing money. Tulsa Plumbing customers do not get paid when they are not working. So if you as a Plumbing Tulsa customer make about $20 an hour. And you and you need to stay home for at least half a day a.m. or p.m. to meet at Elsa Plumbing competitors company. Then you have already spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $100. And that’s even if he shows up in his designated four hour. One Way Plumbing strives to be exactly where they say they will when they say they will do it. Tulsa Plumbing customers have come to know and respect that if we say we’re going to be there at 4 then we are there at 4. And if we are going to be more than 15 minutes late for any reason whatsoever. We will notify that Tulsa Plumbing customer as soon as we know. If it is some circumstance of a wreck that happened in front of us or a flat tire. Then we would call them immediately. Even if we were like going to be one or two minutes late. You have to communicate with your Plumbing Tulsa customer to be effective in helping them save money for absentee time from work and for filling out their schedule. To do anything less is a lack of respect for the Plumbing Tulsa customer. And if you do not respect a Plumbing Tulsa customers time. How can you respect their pocketbook? How can you respect their most valuable possession their home. And how can you respect anything at all because the most valuable possession of all is time it’s the one thing we cannot ever get more of. And if you as a Tulsa Plumbing plumber cannot even facilitate
that need. Then there is no need for anybody to be calling you and scheduling a Plumbing Tulsa appointment. Scheduling and appointment for a Plumbing Tulsa service call is some of the most crucial minutes of our experience with the customer. We do not want to get any of the name or spelling incorrectly. We do not want the phone number incorrectly. If the phone number is wrong or the name is wrong then we may not be able to call if we are lost or return a call if there is a question. If the name is wrong there may be some confusion on when we send a letter or thank you or Bill. It would be nice to have the Tulsa Plumbing customers email as well I understand there are some spam out there and that is something that we at one way Plumbing hate. However we will send a request for review. We want to know if we can get our service better. You can always contact us at our email at onewayplmb@gmail.comTo give a personal review or personal comment. We do always encourage Google reviews they always help spread good word and cheer. We we enjoy all kinds of reviews on all aspects of social media and any other form of communication that Tulsa Plumbing customers prefer to use. Our favorite overall out of all communication and spreading the word and our information the best is word-of-mouth for us in our Tulsa Plumbing customers. Once all information is received from our valuable Plumbing Tulsa customers we would like to schedule an appointment. Do not want to tell our Tulsa Plumbing customer that it’ll be sometime that day and we’ll just give him a call. How many people out there have ever missed a call on their phone? It’s always the appointment that you were waiting on correct? You never make that call in an appointment schedule for a later date. Or they use the excuse to schedule the appointment for a later day. You’ve already taken off work. You’ve already lost $100 minimum by taking work off. If you make $20 an hour. Plus the service call Fee that they’re going to charge you when I get there. And you don’t even know if they’re even going to repair the problem that day you just hope so. And there’s a good chance you won’t make the second half of the day to work as well. So that’s a total of 8 hours at $20 an hour. That’s a total of $160. That’s another plumbing company as you in the form of the way they schedule an appointment. This is not factor in the cost of the trip or the service call in the repairs in the materials are
going to touch. This is why one way Plumbing. Is by far the best plumbing company in Tulsa. Just because of scheduling an appointment alone. One Way Plumbing for our Tulsa Plumbing customers is not always on time we admit. But we strive to be on time or close to that time as available. Very rarely Are we more than 30 minutes to an hour off schedule. This still even our worst case scenario of being an hour late still saves the Plumbing Tulsa customer an average of 4 hours of wait time on the other competitive competitors Plumbing Tulsa businesses. This is an average saying at savings at $20 an hour of $80. That you saved just by scheduling your appointment with one way Plumbing. The ladies out there I know what they’re thinking I money saved is money earned that’s $80 we’re going on date night that’s correct. Tulsa Plumbing customers can basically get a free date night with every service call they scheduled with one way Plumbing.