Plumbing Tulsa toilet flappers

Have you ever had a toilet that won’t quit running or you are constantly hear water running. As a toilet kept you up at night because it keeps wanting to fill up on its own. Has a toilet ever acted like a ghost is operating it and just fill up and then stop and then there 20 or 30 minutes later and they fill up and stop again. It may not be a ghost. It may just be your Tulsa Plumbing flapper that sets on the Douglas valve inside of your Tulsa Plumbing toilet tank.

Tulsa plumbing toilet flappers are many shapes and sizes up until a few years ago the standard toilet tank had one point I’m sorry the standard toilet tank had 3 gallons of Flushed water per time you use the toilet. The new Boca International Boca plumbing code. Change the rules and so the toilet can only have one point six gallons of flush water each time it’s used. This became very difficult for toilets to flush properly many complaints happened and lots of clogged toilets happen. Toto Toilets came out with a new design to make all the Plumbing Tulsa customers happy. That use 1.6 gallons except it used it immediately rather than long and drawn-out. Used to want a toilet would flush the water with swirl and twirl and swirl until it went down the drain. With the 1.6 gallon style a mechanism when you flush it’s almost like you don’t want to be in the way cuz you’re going to go down with it. I have seen toilets that have flushed a handful of army men handfuls of nuts and bolts and a about 14 golf balls all at one time with the 1.6 gallon flush and style that the Tulsa Plumbing customers use.

The new style that the Tulsa Plumbing Toto Toilets used I cannot explain I do know that the flapper inside of the toilet is oversized. Most of the new toilets that have the new technology to handle the debris inside of a toilet without getting clogged require the new larger flapper technology and design. Forming Tulsa customers need to be able to find replacement parts of mediately for that flapper or flushing mechanism before they ever purchase a toilet. Finding some of the new style Flappers or flushing mechanisms on top of the Douglas valve are hard to find and are hard to repair sometimes you must wait a week before you receive the part in the mail. The supply houses are getting better at handling and having some of these parts on hand. However there are so many new brands and styles at a flooded the market out there trying to establish ground and get a foothold as a standard in the toilet Tulsa Plumbing industry. Our advice is to always make sure that you can find a replacement parts readily available before purchasing a Tulsa Plumbing toilet. If the parts are not available in the other aisle or the customer the supply house doesn’t have the parts on hand then we always recommend going with a different brand or different style toilet than what you’re currently looking at.

The most common flapper looks like the Starship Enterprise if you’ve ever seen Star Trek the great movie. Then you seen what the flapper of the standard toilet looks like now some of the new toilets of taking the same style and standard of the old Flappers. And just increase the size to handle the new water demands. The new style Flappers are usually red in color they say the rubber last longer and the types of water that were using but most of the time that cheaper one is black and color now the black ones in color tender work just as good as the red ones do. How are the red ones when they start to break down the rubber doesn’t really come off and is not removable the rubber on the flapper of the red Flappers and the Tulsa Plumbing customers toilet since the curl up and become the Swarm when it starts to wear out. The black flapper for the Plumbing Tulsa customers homes it when it starts to wear out you can rub your fingers on it and black will get everywhere if sometimes it’s pretty messy to change it out and it looks gross because that black just gets on really easy and it’ll get on everything. So it’s best to have a paper towel or trash can nearby or rag that you can wrap the flapper in to dispose of it and or wash your hands because everything you touch that has met with your hands with black on it will become all over the place your shirts the toilet tanks the sink the wall to stop anything that you want to touch around the toilet while you’re replacing the flapper and your Tulsa Plumbing toilet tank.

Some of the older style Flappers and newer style Flappers consist of towers or spaceship looking Flappers there’s some that have that are calling it cookie brand flapper the ones that I like the best look like the Starship Enterprise and they flap up and down with two hooks on either side. That starts with Enterprise also has a second option if the hooks have broken off you can slide the rubber Circle over the Douglas valve fill tube down to where those clips are and the circle ring will also hold the flapper in place not as well but it will try to do its best and you can still get the toilet to function properly. However the best is to use the hurts and be careful not to break them off. Some of the flappers are not all rubber they have that plastic skeleton with a rubber disc on the bottom these Flappers were just as good however they tend to like to clip onto the Douglas Val clips and when you cook them off they can break those clips pretty easily. So the best thing for a Tulsa Plumbing customer is to use the solid rubber flappers