Plumbing Tulsa toilet testing

Once you have your Tulsa Plumbing toilet set in place with the Tulsa Plumbing toilet closet bolts connected. You have your toilet caps in place and installed. And you’ve connected your water supply piping from your Tulsa Plumbing shut off valve to your Tulsa Plumbing toilet fill valve. WWE from the Plumbing Tulsa piping system and supply line to the toilet has been flushed. You are ready to begin testing your Tulsa Plumbing toilet congratulations.

To test your Tulsa Plumbing toilet what you really want to look for is a leak. You want to spot a connection that just is not right. Some links can be very faint at first. Or overtime. Some weeks are so small and will not show it may take two or three days. And some depending on where the location is or how many wax rings what type of material is used on the flooring you may not know for a long time if you have a toilet Tulsa Plumbing Leak.

How are wonderful Tulsa Plumbing customers are able to spot a small Tulsa Plumbing toilet leak is difficult but doable you want to closely inspect your water supply piping to your Tulsa Plumbing toilet. I suggest starting at the wall and the shut-off valve and going through the system wow you are flushing it. Wow you are testing your Tilson Plumbing toilet letting it feel. And letting it cycle through and flush. You’re to go through the whole system and make sure it’s working correctly. If you’re like one way Plumbing 98% of the time this is a waste of time. One Way Plumbing does not have are there any leaks and if we do we stay and make sure that we get those corrected. The supply line is new so the chances are unless the manufacturers made a mistake we should be in good shape. So we are checking the supply line a good technique to check flexible Chrome supply line period is to get a piece of toilet paper. Now piece of toilet paper it can detect water very easily. And a small amount. And it grabs water. So you want to take some toilet paper and write everything off. Because during installation lots of times you can get some Tulsa Plumbing water on your fittings and connections during installation. So once you’ve got everything dry and there’s no more water. You would like to take one square of toilet paper and touch the supply line connections with the edge of the Tulsa Plumbing toilet paper Square. You not use the flat part on the supply line so that’s harder to tell if you touched any water. The best way to tell is not around the bottom of the nut. But where the Tulsa plumbing supply line nut connects to the Tulsa plumbing supply line line. There’s a small Gap if you look very closely between the 3/8 nut that connects to the shut-off valve and the supply hose. In that small section you’ll see I believe brass or copper piping. This section is maybe an eighth of an inch thick you will want to take your Plumbing Tulsa piece of toilet paper and stick it in that little slot just like slide it in. When you pull it back out if it looks worn or soft in an area then you probably have a leak. So you have four squares to that Tulsa Plumbing toilet paper Square you have four sides I’m sorry. And so you can test it again maybe you did not get that water up when you were drying it off originally for the first test. Once you’ve tested that with your remaining squares if it does not get wet again you should be in good shape. If it does get wet then you may have to take the nut apart put a little piece of Teflon tape on the threads. Once you have the Teflon tape on you can retighten the nut and test again if it continues to do this you may need to change the shut-off valve and or new supply line.


Once you tested the supply lines with your toilet paper and you’ve been flushing the toilet this whole time by now if you have a leak on the wax ring or at the base of the toilet water should be forming at the base of the toilet or exposing itself onto the floor and type of material.


If you see water at the base of the Tulsa Oklahoma toilet then there could be a couple of problems first you want to always drive that water at maybe it will spill during your Tulsa Plumbing toilet installation and supply line connection. This water could have come from your shoes. I’ve seen water on the floor and looked and looked and looked and it just kept coming and I could not tell from where. And when I finally figured out what all the water was from it was from my sweat. It was dripping off of me. And so I thought there was a leak around the toilet. Ha ha. Once you have all the water dried up you can again start to flush the toilet. But when you’re inspecting the toilet you cannot stand there and be a foot or two foot or three feet away from the toilet. You have to hug it like it’s your best friend. You need to be checking the tank to bowl bolts and the bolt washer connections you need to check the Douglas valve washer and connections. This is where the tank in the bull meat and seal together. This is a place that Elite can form and has. You’ll usually see the water toward the back of the toilet on the floor and it’s hard to see the toilet water leak going down the Tulsa Plumbing toilet porcelain. For some reason that porcelain hides that water traveling down the side of it very well. Sometimes can’t even see it until you touch it with your hand and you see the water form on your hand. So look real close and have a good strong flashlight with you when you inspect it. The next place that the water could be leaking from if it’s not the supply line or the Tulsa Plumbing Douglas and closet bolt connections period or tank to bowl bolts connections I’m sorry not closet bolts. Then if the toilet is loose then the leak is probably coming from that wax ring connection and it did not seal or it could be a flange problem we can go over these and different articles if the water continues to form at the base you will have to pull and reset the toilet and continue your steps. Sometimes there can be a hairline crack in the porcelain of the tank and it is difficult to see. And that’s always a chance to happen as well on setting the Tulsa plumbing toilet.


If any of our Plumbing Tulsa customers have any other questions about testing the toilet then you can always give us one way Plumbing a call at 918-294-3333 and have a fantastic day