Setting a Tulsa plumbing toilet

Installing a Tulsa Plumbing customers toilet. Toilets are pretty simple to install but a lot of people get tripped up on installing the closet bolts wax ring setting the toilet at first it is overwhelming. But once you’ve had a toilet set a couple of times it becomes pretty simple ordeal there are many variables. But all are easy to learn. If you can learn the color then you can learn to set a toilet.


Setting a Tulsa Plumbing toilet usually require some closet bolts. We like to use no seat wax rings. You may also need some Caulking and shims period shins are either plastic some you can make out of lead piping and they’re all used to help level and secure the toilet to the floor.


When you begin to set a Tulsa Plumbing toilet do you want to start off with observing the flange. The flange is the connection to the existing sewer pipe that has bolt holes. To attach the new toilet too. Tulsa Plumbing technicians usually will check and make sure the flange ring is secured to the piping and the floor that the toilet is going to be set on. Once the flange is secured to the pipe. Then you’re able to install the bolts to the flange. Plumbing Tulsa customers usually do not have the option to buy extra nuts and washers for these bolts. I recommend highly that you purchase extra nuts and bolts for your closet bolts. The reason being we need extra nuts and bolts for a Tulsa Plumbing customers flanges. Is so that we can not insecure the bolt to the flange at cell. See the original engineers and designers of the closet bolts. They like to not live like to save some money and not spend the extra time with extra nut and washers. Instead they they send a plastic Disk type washer. And it’s supposed to slide over the bolt and hold it into place long enough to set the toilet and then secure the bolt with the top nut. There are many problems that you become an effect to removing that toilet later but we’ll talk about that in the other articles there’s many reasons for the night but this way it’s secured of the flange. And the bolt won’t move when you’re trying to set the toilet if you bump it or anything of that nature period so snuggle up it doesn’t have to be super tight for your Tulsa Plumbing toilet to work properly get the nuts real snow and then you’re ready to place your wax ring.


Placing the wax ring in the flange is recommended many pictures for wax ring usage they show placing it on the bottom of the toilet however when you pick up the toilet you don’t know if the wax ring is stayed on their or falling back off. If the wax ring falls off and does not seat in the correct position on the toilet sewer piping then you will have a leak and you can have damaged floors. So we always want to place the wax ring on the actual sewer pipe coming out of the floor that the flanges attacks too. And we will know that we have the toilet in the right spot for the wax ring because of the bolts. So therefore we don’t need to put it on the Tulsa Plumbing bottom of the toilet. Most Tulsa Plumbing toilet flanges and setting of the toilet. Only require one wax ring. If the flange is lower than the existing floor then you will need to add a secondary wax ring this sometimes can occur with wood floors or tile floors. We always set our toilet flanges to the concrete floor. The reason we set them to the concrete floor high is because if it’s a laminate or fourth in line then the plans won’t be too high to set the toilet. If the flange is only a quarter inch low which is what tile usually makes it. Then the you can just add another wax ring. It’s the flooring is going to be would then it’s about an inch to an inch and a half low and you can add a second wax ring as well or possibly even a third. The most wax rings that we have ever used as for but we cannot warranty a toilet with four it’s just that you put it in and see how long it works. Tulsa Plumbing customers should feel with comfortable with using up the two wax rings at anytime. Once you have the wax ring down and the closet bolts attached to the flange securely then you want to place the toilet over the closet bolts and down on the wax ring. When you place the toilet on a wax ring you should feel a little bit of resistance as you feel the wax smash around the toilet. When you set a toilet you always want the very front of the toilet to be on the ground at all times.


Set in a toilet without the front on the ground can cause a lot of problems for the Tulsa Plumbing customer. If the toilet front is not on the ground in the toilet must need to be shimmed then the toilet will wobble and leaked prematurely. It is better for a toilet front to be on the ground in the back shinned up really high what to the point that it’s not even level. Then it is for you to place a toilet and that’s level with shims all the way around. The front must be on the ground at all times. Once you get the toilet in the correct position the Plumbing Tulsa customer just needs to put on the toilet cap bases tighten the toilet down and cock it always test the toilet 5 or 6 times before finishing if you have any other questions you can always call One Way Plumbing at 918-294-3333