Tulsa plumbing hot and cold water to a on demand heater


[00:00:01] Our Tulsa plumbing. Customers asked us on tankless water heaters on the water connection to them we have gone over connections to take hot water heaters and Tulsa plumbing homes.


[00:00:19] We’ve gone over the hot and cold connections and drop tools and units that are involved in connections to your hot water heaters.


[00:00:32] We didn’t talk much about.


[00:00:41] Air hammer arrestors on the Tulsa plumbing systems last time but we did expand a little bit on expansion tank split a play on words.


[00:00:52] That’s a that’s a little comedy at no extra charge for Tulsa plumbers.


[00:01:00] But on it it is a little different on a tank Tankless water system because a tankless system.


[00:01:09] It may. There are talking about needing an expansion tank as well. But on a tankless system since it has so many internal parts and moving parts we recommend that you install a water filtration system and a connection kid the first go over expansion tank a little bit and air hammer arrestors expansion tank. We talked about more in the other article but as the handle thermal expansion and any pressure changes in the Tulsa water plumbing system and the pressure changes can be up to 50 pounds per square inch per water system at any time during the day.


[00:01:59] I’ve seen the average water system be as low as 50 pounds per square inch. And then you come back to Tulsa plumbing customers home at a later date at a high peak time and they have a 100 to 120 pounds per square inch on the water system so thermal expansion take an air hammer arrestors tend to help that. I guess you could think it was a thermal expansion tank as the daddy of all air hammer arrestors an air hammer arrestors smaller type of expansion tank and they had many different kinds of air hammer arrestors they got mechanical ones spring loaded ones air chambered ones.


[00:02:47] Plumbing Tulse systems can also have worse just a dead end pipe where you trapped air in there.


[00:02:55] I. Common sense tells me that as a work. But they allowed that for many years and that has been proven that it doesn’t work.


[00:03:03] I think it works for Tulsa plumbers for a few months until that air is absorbed into the water system.


[00:03:15] Gardner Tulsa water plumbing system.


[00:03:21] Yes.


[00:03:24] So for tankless heater you’d want to pick out a filtration system and there’s many different types of filtration systems water softeners art plumbing Tulsa customers can get a variety but the main thing we want to do is make sure there’s no debris dirt gravel or rocks and you may ask how are we going to get dirt and debris in our drinking water.


[00:03:50] Well it’s waterline break all the time outside. And then they break and there is a lot of mud that washed into that water line. It goes right to where it tells the plumbing.


[00:04:02] Customers homes enters their home and it has to come out of their faucet or get clogged inside of it. So if you put a water filter on your tank system over the course of time you’ll see that it is sort of change in a color and debris and eventually gets dirty. And if you have a main break somewhere possibly in the wintertime your Tulsa plumbing system will experience a lot more dirt and get a little more dirty.


[00:04:32] So you can also get a filter cartridge that’s just for debris a filter carpers that some of our tosing plumbing customers like to have is for taste and odor those cartridges cost a little more but they do add a little more filtration and benefit. Secondly you want a connection kit.


[00:04:53] Most tankless systems require a maintenance program to get them and they like to be flushed because you get a lot of calcium build up or any kind of corrosion build up. That’s why a water softener or they do make a water softener that sends the water through a magnetic field that’s supposed to change the polarity of the water so that it does not become so corrosive.


[00:05:21] Attached its minerals to the side walls of a system. Now a tankless system usually what they require is vinegar or some type of cleaning solution to run through the system. In this connection it adds ports to the system so that you can turn off the hot and cold water isolate the tankless system and just run the solution through it. Once you run the solution then you can wash the tank with water and then eventually once you have it flushed you can turn that port off and turn your ball valve back onto the hot water system and operate the tank as normal. The problem with this idea sounds great but what are Tulsa plumbing customers experiences is that to run this maintenance program with labor and materials usually can cost two to three hundred dollars. So what they’ve experienced is it might be cheaper and better in the long run if you’re Tulsa plumbing tankless hot water heater last for 15 to 20 years to not spend $3000 every 10 years just for service on it. It would probably be cheaper just to buy a new one later on the bay. These are just the types of apparatuses and fittings and different connections that will be on your water system.


[00:07:00] Going to take lot more hot water heaters.


[00:07:04] It’s pretty easy to determine which ones hot and cold because on a hot water heater tank and Tulsa plumbing homes. The cold is always on the right. Or supposed to be in the hot is always on the left.


[00:07:19] If you’re looking at it from the front but other plumbing Tulsa plumbers that don’t pay attention to detail can sometimes get those lines crossed and then you have a major headache in the house with crossed water lines when you’re wanting to get hot water heater really getting cold or vice versa. We recommend that you read the instructions fully and most tankless systems have a pretty clear indication on which connection is hot and which connection it is called. So pay attention to that. Your connections nice and tight.


[00:08:03] Any time you’re ever installing or connecting to a hot water heater you always want to bleed the air off of the system before you actually turn it on to heat. Here’s what can happen is if you still have air in the system then you can produce steam from heating your hot water.


[00:08:18] This is very hard on the plumbing system and it can cause something to break or come apart which can be very scary and damaging to the.


[00:08:33] So once you’ve flushed out the best way to flush all the air out of the system as to turn the water on to your tank or tank with system and go to a tub or some type of spout on the hot side that doesn’t have a filter. And what I mean by a filter is the lavatory faucets.


[00:08:52] They have a screen or an air raid or on that and your icemaker it goes through a lot of components before it comes out. But you’re in your kitchen faucet it goes through main linkage or pull out sprayer before the water leaves tough operating system.


[00:09:13] And so the best I’ve found is if you go to a tub then you turn it on it does not have any filters or air Raiders on it. It’s the biggest openings available to the water system and let the air bleed through that. Now once you initially turn on the water system or breathe air out you don’t always get air immediately.


[00:09:36] Sometimes it will run a little bit of water that was left in the system when you shut it off.


[00:09:41] But if you let it run for 30 seconds to a minute you should start to experience some air and let that just continue to go it shouldn’t really damage anything if you think that you have high pressure.


[00:09:54] You can always turn the water volume down by slowly closing the valve and only letting a little water come through that way not as much air will be bled off at once it will bleed off a little slower.


[00:10:07] It it will still work.


[00:10:10] The way you know that you still have that you don’t have any more air and your Tulsa plumbing system is once you get a good solid solid steady stream of water.


[00:10:21] And once that occurs you can turn your water off with the system pressure rise up. Go check all of your connections and make sure there’s no leaks.


[00:10:32] And at that time you’ll get all the water off or all the air off of your plumbing Tulsa water system you have connected cold to the cold side.


[00:10:44] You or I have a connection kit an expansion tank and a filter on the cold side. Every cold side hot water heater or fixture should always have a shut off valve on the cold side as well. Now on the hot side of my Frwy and all you’ve got the connecting kid on the hot side and that’s it.


[00:11:05] Most Tulsa plumbing hot water heater systems.


[00:11:11] Don’t have many other connections that I’ve heard of different states and different cities and towns have different rules.


[00:11:21] But that’s pretty much the standard for Tulsa plumbing.


[00:11:29] On a hot water heater on the water piping in and out you do not have a temperature and pressure relief valve usually piped into any of the general piping that comes off of the side.


[00:11:44] It’s a different connection or application to the tank. And that is to relieve any pressure or temperature.


[00:11:56] If if the valve senses too much temperature on the hot water it will relieve itself or if the experience is too much pressure it will relieve itself to protect this Tulsa plumbing system.


[00:12:11] On a tankless hot water heater. The temperature and pressure release. Is actually connected directly onto the hot water outlet. And so it’ll come with that connection kit if you do not have a connection. Kit you will have to put an actual fitting in the system. With along with some ports or an easily removed connection system so you can flush it and install the temperature and pressure relief valve on that Tulsa plumbing system. That way the connection is a little pricey. But for a time labor and functionality it’s a lot better to go that route than to try to do it yourself again if you have any other questions as far as looking up your hot and cold water lines to your tankless system. You can always give us a call at 9 1 8 2 9 4 3 3 3 3. We always love to help our Tulsa plumbing customers on anything plumbing related. Thank you and have a great day.