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[00:00:01] Today with my Tulsa plumbing customer we’re going to talk today about drame pans on hot water heaters.


[00:00:10] They even made Draine pans for tankless hot water heaters nowadays. I’ve been to many customer homes. It seems like most of the water damage or the average amount of water damage in a Tulsa plumbing home is due to a hot water heater the most hot water heaters in the Tulsa plumbing area are installed in the garage.


[00:00:33] And so then it’s a concrete floor running half a driveway since most Tulsa plumbing homes driveways are installed with a slight fall to the door so if any water or anything gets on there they flow out. But a lot of Tulsa plumbing home’s hot water heaters are internally in the home or inside closet. Most hardly any of the Tulsa plumbing homes do not have a floor drain in that closet. But the ones that do have a floor drain for some reason. The average plumber in Tulsa technicians can’t seem to get that for drame lower than the concrete. So what you find is you find that are Tulsa plumbing homes when they do have a leak will hold a half inch to an inch of water before they actually start to have that drain activate and take all that water from the plumbing Tulsa’s system. So the only real fix for that is to lower the drain by removing the concrete and repipe and it correctly. So internally you’re in trouble there. And so the garage always comes out and gets everybody’s boxes wet. I’ve gone into homes. It’s like they move in and and they just never got a chance unpacked and they accumulated so much stuff. And then lo and behold the hot water tank bus or the temperature and pressure relief goes off. Water gets on the floor. It doesn’t have anywhere else to go through the garage and water finds the path of least resistance and just tends to get water everywhere once water hits something on the floor and gets wet. Water has a unique ability to climb.


[00:02:34] About 10 to 12 inches on the pavement what material it is before it stops it’s like an antigravity system and so all the Tulsa plumbing code officials in stall a pan under the tank because when a hot water heater tank leaks it doesn’t spray water everywhere like they do when it leaks it drips.


[00:03:04] Most of our plumbing Tulsa water heaters the tanks when you look at a hot water heater tank you’re really only seeing the outer shell and it’s a thin metal membrane and then inside that is a dense foam type of insulation that keeps the tank insulated and keeps the heat from escaping easily. And then the tank is inside that foam insulation and inside that tank it’s made out of steel.


[00:03:41] And then the inner lining of the steel is coated with a glass or protective liner that protects the hot water heater from rusting out internally from the Tulsa plumbing city water.


[00:04:01] Now when a tank busts gets a pin hole in that glass liner and metal take either from thermal expansion or high pressure or just Ruster faulty engineering then that water will spit out into the foam insulation and then hit the outer shell of the tank.


[00:04:23] So it would just kind of drip down into the burner area and into the pan. So we really didn’t need to come up with a Tulsa plumbing designed to handle large spills.


[00:04:36] We just need to come up with a Tulsa plumbing design to capture dripping water in a pan. Does that now pan isn’t always watertight but it will convert or carry the majority of a water from a water leak away from the rest of the house as the design.


[00:05:00] Now most Tulsa plumbing hot water tank pans can be pipe to a floor drain if one is readily available and or go outside. But if you’re going to pipe a hot water tank outside usually you want to go to a hardware store that handles a lot of Tulsa plumbing parts and by some cinder blocks there’s two types of cinder blocks in the Tulsa Plumbing world is the big large normal cinderblock you see or a half sized cinder block and they’re more solid. I get three of those cinder blocks and put them down there about two inches tall and then put my paint on it and set my hot water heater on top of this. And the reason for this move is if you want to pipe that hot water heater pan to the outside of the home of the Tulsa plumbing customer there is a two by four that sits on top of the concrete. All the other joists and studs connect to. And so you don’t want to have to go through that two by four or base plate inside the wall. So if you put your hot water heater on top of the cinderblocks and then drill a hole through the side wall for your drain pan piping to go outside then your Tulsa plumbing custom will be pleased as the drain pipe falls to the outside.


[00:06:41] So if your pans on top of the cinderblocks then will be easily to get your Tulsa plumbing piping drain the rice flow to flow to the outside over the top plate in the wall and that’s basically designed for you can use the larger cinderblocks but the smaller ones are all that’s required. And I understand the larger cinder blocks might be a little cheaper. But the problem you come into is you have your water piping in your vent piping on top of the hot water heater and that can get in the way you can it can make it very difficult if you have to raise the vent all the way up through the roof or cut a section of pipe out or razor wire to lines because the cinder blocks raised it too high can cause a lot of extra work. So we’re going to do the minimal amount of movement as possible which is the half sized cinder blocks for your pan now depending on where you live. If you’re a Tulsa plumbing customer or a Owasso plumbing customer Claremore another state’s plumbing customer then you may have different code. Most plans are made out of aluminum. I have seen some hot water tank pans made out of a special plastic type material but that’s not very popular. And the Tulsa plumbing the world. The aluminum pan is a much better pand that does not rust out. It’s a little more durable when you’re putting in a hot water heater into a pan.


[00:08:13] It’s very easy to bend or smash a pan trying to get it in there because as hot water tanks and the Tulsa plumbing system are very heavy and with an aluminum pan it’s very simple to bend it back into shape and get it back in the upright position whereas if you use plumbing Tulsa hot water heater pan that’s plastic it can break or crack and there’s nothing more frustrating than ready to set a hot water heater in its place. Finally get it in place only have to do is connect it. And then the pan is cracked or broken. You have to pull the whole system back out again. Go to the Tulsa plumbing supply house and install a whole new Tulsa’s plumbing pan. This can be very frustrating labor intensive cause more.


[00:09:14] Cost to the Tulsa plumbing customer. So we always use the aluminum pan the aluminum pan cost a little bit more. But then again when you want the best Tulsa plumbing company there it is at your house. That’s what we do. We spend a little bit extra money to make sure we have the best supporting materials available and installed in your home. Peace of mind is priceless when you go to sleep. You don’t want to be worrying about your Tulsa plumbing system in your house. You don’t. You have plenty of other things such as family politics and religion to worry about. The last thing you want to be worried about is plumbing. Tulsa problems and that’s why we’re here as one way plumbing so you can pretty much take your Telcel plumbing system and set it and forget it. Now the instantaneous or On-Demand hot water tank pans. They’re relatively new but they look like a plastic bucket that’s been half way cut out and they mount on the wall underneath the On-Demand. Hot water heaters.


[00:10:32] Now these are new to the Tulsa plumbing area and customers and I’m not sure how well these items will work but it’s a good start.


[00:10:45] It’s a good idea. And I think most of our plumbing Tulsa customers will be pleased with it. We’ve actually installed our first few this last year. I’ve only seen the plastic style of Tulsa plumbing On-Demand pans.


[00:11:11] I’ve not seen any aluminum styles yet but the plastic should be fine because you do not actually set the heavy hot water heater inside the pan therefore you don’t damage the pan and so aluminum will not be required at this point. And plastic would be fine for all of our plumbing customers. The hot water heater pan is not very deep here.


[00:11:39] Think when I’ve got 50 gallons of hot water when this thing breaks. How is this little bitty pan going to handle it when I can fill a whole tub of hot water and still have hot water leftover. How is this going to handle it. Remember again as I spoke earlier that year Tulsa plumbing hot water heaters when they leak they very rarely explode or act like a faucet it’s wide open. They usually drip because that tank fights to keep it from leaking.


[00:12:13] And usually once it starts leaking it puts the burner pilot out. Therefore you don’t have hot water within three or four hours or you run out when you use it and it doesn’t come back. And that’s how you know you have a problem and you can address it.


[00:12:30] Most hot water company the two best hot water heater companies for Tulsa plumbers look for at this current time or AO Smith and Bradford White Rheem used to be a great hot water heater but I don’t know what happened.


[00:12:50] It has. We’ve had many callbacks and failures so we stopped using those hot water heaters.


[00:13:00] But the AO Smith and Bradford white manufacturers for the Tulsa plumbing customers they’re really good if they have any problem whatsoever. They usually replace the tank. No questions asked. You just have to pay for the labor and materials to replace it.


[00:13:19] If you have any other questions about your plumbing tell us the hot water heater pans or anything about how to be the best Poso plumber you can give us a call at 1 p.m. 9 1 8 2 9 4 3 3 3 3. Have a fantastic day