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[00:00:02] This is Chad talking to all my. Tulsa plumbing customers here I have some questions about some laboratory. We’ve addressed to. Pop up this week where you can disassemble the pop up and.


[00:00:18] Remove hair clog. Shaving debris clogger even. You know. Some people are missing the pop up so that anything can go down there like a soda bottle cap anything of that nature. Sometimes when your papa assembly is either broken or and or removed from a prior call and didn’t get reassembled back in there we always want to make sure that we tidy everything up and put it back together. Otherwise stuff like this happens. Where it’s lost no longer have a pop. So you can’t get water on the scene. But it’s so draining so something’s gotten down there so you want to know that something could be lost in the trash P-trap kind of looks like it.


[00:01:04] Ptrap if you’re looking at it sideways when I point to the Tulsa plumbing. Homes. You know everybody has a ptrap . Some of them are directly drained and they’re usually when that happens you will experience. Sewer gas or bugs. Traps are designed to keep that from happening I will Explain that. Later in. this article.


[00:01:45] Sources clogged drains.


[00:01:48] When we get past the ptrap the drain piping is larger.the trap is located under the lavatory and it does not look like a trap. Right. Like I said earlier it doesn’t look necessarily like a p unless you look at it from the side. Some lavatories don’t have it. These are usually older Tulsa Plumbing homes.


[00:02:04] That weren’t. In the plumbing Tulsa area. Or it wasn’t done by a Tulsa Plumber and it’s usually a. County or rural area where a handyman has installed a drain system and that little water has. Been trapped.


[00:02:23] So what we like to do is make sure there’s a P-trap. The third way that it’s installed is some places will have what they call an a trap. Trap. It looks a lot like a. Trap. But it does not have to wait. And. See. With code issues for any time you do any plumbing. Tulsa plumbing homes are lavatory. You got to follow the code and the code for many years said that it had to have a vent. On every fixture. This makes it so that P-trap and not an s-trap. The reason that is they found that most but it’s also plumbing in homes. That. They don’t have a vent on their lavatory and they just use an S trap. That sometimes when the hair clogs or a string or something would get down the pipe it would sit in the P-trap and that water would siphon through the hair or debris and drain system and slowly siphon the water out of the trap them down the drain and you would start getting odor within the house because it is no longer trapping water source. To stop. Air sewer gases from entering the home and the insects that have crawled in the pipe or falling down the pipe from the vent. Since the. Plumbing codes have changed to where.


[00:03:57] Now if you oversize the drain to a smallish requiring an inch and a half to a lavatory sized drain.


[00:04:07] If you oversize it to a 2 inch drain which is what we stand to do. As. We. are Plumbers in Tulsa. We’re one of the best because we always oversizing large anything that we have to. So that we have plenty of room in all our Tulsaplumbing. Systems. That we install or can handle a greater demand and add on to as well as the family. Of. So. If you oversize the drain into a two inch which is what we do they’re saying that the drain is large enough at this time that it doesn’t need a vent. So there’s plenty of room for the air volume to go elsewhere and move around. I find this not to be true. So most of your other Tulsa plumbing contractors will install a 2 inch drain to the lavatory with the vent for our company. One way plumbing. This is it doesn’t matter what the city says we’re still going to do it the best way we know how. Know installing a Vent on every fixture is the proper way to do things. I wouldn’t have my house in any other way. What happens if it doesn’t have the proper venting is you’ll get air blow back through the P-trap you’ll hear gurgle. Or bubble which is a lot of. Signs of a drain back and that before it’s fully backed up. So what we like to do is tell a lot of our Tulsa Plumbing homes. Customers that. If you do notice any. Bubbling or gurgling or gases come back through the drain that is a sign that your drain is shrinking like arteries do of plaque. And.


[00:05:53] It’s getting smaller build up on the inside the lining of the piping system so it’s not as large as that previous was or should be.


[00:06:03] And this happens many times and so you’ll need your drinking down the back to P-traps. There are many different kinds of traps We’re all generally shaped the same way. Plumbing Tulsa homes. Traps. There are glue traps where you once you get them together you can’t move them. There are swivel traps where it has one nut that the rest of the system is glued together so when you take it apart it’s kind of at a disadvantage you can’t really access everything. And then there’s a bag trap that’s all put together with slip nuts and slides together. And if you use that if that P-trap.


[00:06:47] Style is being used that has several nets on it that you can take apart. It’s the easiest for plumbing Tulsa customers. To take apart. And so. If you have a speed trap you’ve gone through the pop up assembly. And there’s no not a clog there. Now you go to the P-trap now the P-trap should always have about two cups of water in it. So you’ll need a bucket or a towel because you’ll get a little bit of water when you take this part. What if you have the bag trap assembly and that’s relatively easy. Or go through it first. And so what my Tulsa Plumbing customers need to do is unscrew the nuts. Take the P-trap off. And then at this time you can dump it into the bucket. Now what I like to do is go back up to the top of the assembly and look straight down if I can see straight down to the bottom of the cabinet then I know the clog is no longer there. If I can’t see through there that I know the clog is between the pop up assembly and where I just took apart the P-trap because it’s clean. Now the P-trap. Holds water all the time to keep sewer gases from coming through. It also keeps insects and rodents coming through to turn them. So. Now that you have the P-trap off you may notice the odor. Coming from your neighbor. Tulsa plumbing customers but.


[00:08:20] And you’ll notice in the bottom of the p-trap thing solid stuff that drains normally can’t handle likes to collect in that Ptrap. So if you can see through the pop up down to the bottom of the lavatory what you want to do is look inside that P-trap and see if you can see anything. Because that’s where if you don’t flush the system like say you want to ring down the drain. That’s where it’s hopefully going to collect if you do lose a ring or something valuable down your lavatory. Tulsa plumbing lavatory drain than what you want to do is not run any water at all and you go straight to the P-trap and take it apart. Odds are it will collect them there with gravity being so heavy as long as the flush of water or the flow of water down in that drainage system does not override the gravity. Created by. The Earth then it will stay in that p-trap trapping at the bottom. Same with the dirt hair. I’ve seen straws.


[00:09:24] And stuff we’ll collect in there. That doesn’t constitute trash.


[00:09:29] That’s not the bag trap is the swivel P-trap it has the one nut assembly . It’s. Glued on. What. You can take that apart and usually swivel and come on down just like the back trap.


[00:09:44] The difference between the swivel P-trap in that bag trapping the bag trap has a little more adjustment. And we easy to install whereas the swivel P-trap is half glued the other half has nuts to it that you can adjust. The bad thing about it is if your clog is not in the P-trap. Or say here. Tulsa plumbing Clogg is not in the pop up then it’s probably further down the pipe and you’ll need to do if you don’t have clean out now installed under your lavatory then what you’ll need to do is run a snake or unclogging in equipment or a tool of some sort down the drain system to clog the restriction or remove the restriction at that time. The problem you’ll run into with this swivel P-trap is that it has a 90 that’s glued on that’s facing straight down so you can’t really access the drain hole with the snake or cleaning device because of that. So you have to cut it and remove it and install a new P-trap. This is the main reason we don’t like swivel P-trap so we won’t put them in our house because it causes our Tulsa plumbing customers problems and headaches in the future. It also causes. Plumbers in Tulsa a headache when they come out to your home to help out for. The drain. The last P-trap is a glue trap. This is a solid P-trap most clean lavatories won’t have this trap. It’s more designed to go underneath the shower or under a tub too where you’re not going to ever access that drain again.


[00:11:25] It’s a floor drain solid it doesn’t have a nut and under a floor drain or bag trap because it is nuts over.time Earthquakes are shifting of the house. You know when moisture ground moving especially in Tulsa plumbing homes on the ground the temperature changes so much that. They can make a big difference on it how long that p-trap stays sealed. So what we don’t want to use non glue P-trap anywhere under the floor or under the house. So we’re going to stick to the glue traps in those locations and not in the lavatory. However if there is one under the lavatory which we have seen many times there is nothing you can do other than remove the P-trap cut it down and install a new one later. Tulsa Plumbing traps are not very expensive. However they can take quite a bit of time and be a headache to re-install. You will have to get a coupling or remeasure might get the pipe cleaner everything. Whereas if you had to bag trap you’re done. The other benefit to a bag trap. Peat. Trap. Over a swivel or glue trap is the fact that when you remove the bag trap for open pipe that you can run that snake equipment down or anything to help unclog the drain if it’s for if the restrictions further down.Tulsa plumbing piping system. So. If the debris is not in the top of the pop assembly which is in the previous articles and now it’s not and the P-trap. Then you have to assume the restriction is further down the pipe. You can put your P-trap back together and go back through and try to unclog it with a plunger so it its. If it’s at the point.


[00:13:29] Of the drain where it enters the wall. That’s not far down from there. Then what you can do is. Put all your drain system and P-trap back together your pop up assembly locate the overflow on the lavatory which is usually closest to the customer. The only way the customer really sees the overflow for the lavatory is through the mirror. That he’s looking at. There’s a small hole you just plug the hole with a damp rag or a finger and then proceed to plunge the lavatory. This may take some time and a few minutes. And work it pretty good. If the clog is right there. Then you should. Remove the restriction and get that close. If not then what you’re probably doing is pushing water up and down and then vent behind the wall and this will work. That means the clots further down if you you’ll have to use drain and clogging equipment. The best idea for if you’re at this point is for Tulsa plumbing customers to go to Home Depot and rent a machine or your local equipment rental store or rent a snake machine and you can send down in a laboratory and try. And work on it and clogging the drain at that time. We’ll go over using that snake and how a clog and other articles. At this time if you have any other questions about removing the P-trap to your toes a plumbing lavatory and reassembling it and possibly removing clogs for covering grains or debris that’s gone down the drain. You can always give us a call at 1 8 2 9 4 3 3 3 3.


[00:15:19] I hope you have a joyful experience and. Have a great day. Thank you