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[00:00:01] Hello I’m going over a couple of.


[00:00:06] Lavatory. Clogg. Scenarios. For Tulsa plumbing customers. This article is about.


[00:00:20] Unclogging a drain under the Tulsa plumbing lavatory. If the restriction is not the pop up suddenly. Or if the restriction is not in the P-trap.


[00:00:36] But the restriction seems to be. Further down the pipe. Inside the wall of the Tulsa plumbing system.


[00:00:49] We’re past. Looking at the Pop up and taking apart the P-trap. Now we want to focus on the Tulsa plumbing drain system in the wall.


[00:01:00] What we want to is go to Home Depot or rental place. And rent a snake. machine


[00:01:14] There are. Two or three different sized snake machines. One is large and it has a snake that’s probably half an inch to three quarter in diameter and is about.80 feet. Long.


[00:01:32] The other smaller snaking equipment is what a lot of plumbers call Tulsa plumbing lavatory. Snake or a sink. Drain equipment. And this is the one you would want to rent. It’s a smaller machine. That probably has about. 60 feet of cable in it. The cable and diameter is only about three eighths. In size so it’s much smaller. So it can handle the smaller piping and make the turns and then sit in the Tulsa plumbing. System drain. Piping. And go further down the drain. So now that you’ve gone to. Tulsa . Equipment rental. And reserve your sink machine. Snake. What I advise my plumbing Tulsa customers. Is to come home. Give out. Some material towels or something to protect the floor. Set your equipment down. And. Hand. Put a pair of gloves on. Do you not want to be operating this machine with your bare hands. Now where you’ve taken the P-trap apart you want to. Go. On the snake machine down that high the whole time you’re running the state machine you’ll want to have engaged in actively spinning. Running. When. While it’s spinning and running. You want to feed the snake down this way. And any time you feel any resistance let the snake do the work and just spin. Time slowly eat away. The restriction or resistance. Or maybe it’s just a thing that it needs to get by. Don’t force it. Don’t be pushing the snake any harder than. With. Ease.


[00:03:45] Because what can happen is the snake can get. Caught or balled up.


[00:03:52] And. In a bind to where. That cable that you’re pushing down. The restriction. If he gets in a bind can wrap around your arm or walk the machine around. And. Cause. Injury. So what we want to do as soon as you feel the snake bind up and no longer spinning freely. You want to release the. Pedal or air pump or switch that is operating your machine and turn it off. Once the machine once you have the machine going in you know when you receive a restriction. To get off then you’re free to go down the Tulsa Plumbing drain system.


[00:04:42] To your restriction under the lavatory before you get out. Now you can go through the p-trap if you have a bag in the trap then that is the best way. You can take it apart. If it is a swivel P-trap then naturally you will be able to get your staking equipment through there. And same if.a glue trap. Some lavatories have what we call a clean out and it it’ll be a piece of pipe that has a screw.


[00:05:14] Cap or a plug in it that you can remove and. Put your snake down through there. These plugs don’t have a P-trap. On them so as soon as you remove the cap and or plug you may experience some sewer gas and over and or some water.


[00:05:35] If you see water at the level of the bottom of the sink or standing in the sink and clean out is lower than that sink then when you remove that cap you may experience some water so you will want to get a bucket or some towels. To clean up this mess. Another option of accessing the Tulsa plumbing and drain system. Is through the roof.


[00:06:02] If you do not want to take this machine inside your house and possibly get the house dirty then what you can do is getting an extension ladder or a large flat or large enough to get upon the roof and directly above that lavatory should be a very small pipe penetrating through your. Roof. What you can do. Is. Climb up on the roof. With your machine. Be very careful. I don’t want any of my plumbing Tulsa so customers to get hurt or fall off the roof. This is. A dangerous job. There have been many Tulsa plumbing friends that have fallen off and hurt their legs or broke their legs. Sometimes the equipment falls off the roof and that breaks can be costly. So you want to take all precautions and be careful. More than one person is recommended and helpful.


[00:06:59] Once you get on the roof and you have your extension ladder up there your extension cord. In your equipment . You can send the snake down through the vent pipe on the roof. . It will go about 8 feet before it reaches your lavatory. And then it will be just like if you’re going through a clean out or p-trap under the lavatory . one thing that’s neat about the piping on the roof is you can hear. The air and feel the air. Fluctuating in and out of vent pipe. So when you do that the restriction that one you can hear it from the vent pipe up on the roof.


[00:07:46] You will know when it’s done. Now what I recommend to all my Tulsa plumbing customers once you hear the vent or clog restriction go since you have the machine already there and run the machine as far as it will go. In other words the whole length of the sewer or cable run all the way up that way you build up or debris on the inner walls of the. Tulsa Plumbing drain system. You can dislodge and help remove and kind and clean that up. So your piping is internally as large as it can be supposed to.


[00:08:24] Be. When you pull that machine back out and you’re up on the roof. You have the snake out again would you not want to be doing this with our bare hands. We


[00:08:35] want to make sure we have gloves for protection gear on at all times. You


[00:08:41] out of that machine. Now there may be some water and some dampness. So items on the roof may be slicker than they were when you originally arrived. So be extra careful climbing back down and ladder with the equipment . And some people like to tie a rope to the equipment and lower it down from the roof and then walk down the cells rather than carry it down. With them. Because with the weight of that machine can be very. Once you get the machine back down to the ground. We always like to before you put everything up we always recommend that all of our Tulsa plumbers go back through and test everything before everything gets put up to save time. Future. Go back and run your sinks If everything seems to be draining fine. And fill your sinks at least three times. To test. If you went through a clean out under the sink before you tested. Make sure you put the cap back together and put your traps back together. We have taken the drain Tulsa Plumbing drain systems apart. We want to reconnect everything before doing that test. If everything works great I recommend going to other lavatories and doing that why you have this machine. Rather than just do the least amount you can which is just the drain that was clog while you’re out there. You might as well. Look for any other problems.


[00:10:23] And try to fix any other train systems. Usually a snake machine from home depot or rental equipment.


[00:10:33] And this cost is very low it’s usually under 50 that $60 if you were to hire someone to come out and unclog your drain. It can cost anywhere from a hundred and fifty. Two hundred and fifty by a year 2015 standards that prices increase and this will go up and I’m not sure how long all this article we have had times where snakes will get. That cable where the snake from the machine that you rent and gets tied up bound up and you can pull it back out sometimes you can run a reverse for running a Forward and see if you can you can overbind and snap out. Otherwise you have to have it running and this is when a second person will be very valuable if you while this machine is running. We can go down in the House and hopefully hear where it is or where and is where it’s getting clogged up.


[00:11:41] You will have to open the wall and actually physically cut the pipe and release the cable so that you can remove it and then you will have to put the piping system back together. This hardly ever happens on the lavatory drains but on the main drain system when they’re trying to remove restrictions in the main drain the main snake does tend to bind up and. Become very difficult to remove.


[00:12:14] If it gets tied up around it so which can happen if it’s gone as far as the main city drain.


[00:12:24] Because the pipe is so large that it can flop around and they can tie into itself which we’ve had happen once before.


[00:12:31] It took about six of us to get it back out and it was a.


[00:12:39] Mess. That’s another story for another article. I hope this helps when it comes time to for my plumbing customers to try to plug their own drains with the snake equipment rather than in the P-trap or pop up assembly clog. That is the best route. Always use protection if you have any questions whatsoever you can always call us at 9 1 8 2 9 4 3 3 3 3. And we wish you the best of luck. Some. Way funny