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This content was written for One Way Plumbing.

My best friend from the Tulsa Plumbing community and his uncle who lived in the Jenks Plumbing area. Many different jobs growing up after I met my best friend is holding me and scold me to get to the place right have an opportunity to be a plumber. I would’ve never thought to be a plumber and original. Being a plumber came after many failures and supplements. I’m on myself and get a different perspective on life. Friends when I grew up when I had learned formed in my head about how this world works and how life is and how people should be an orange that’s none of that was true. Nobody is the same in this earth we’re all unique everybody sees it different people get misunderstood people get blamed for things I didn’t intend to do or say or come across as in everythine is complicated.After many years of being a kook in the bread man shit guy delivery guy at work warehouse positions and welder we’ve worked in the electrical field me and in some heat and air feels called to find out that of all the trades plumbing is by far not only the most important trade but the best actually to do.

Now my best friends uncle it already known who I was but it was me entering into the Tulsa plumbing tray that made the connection through the connection to the point where my best friends uncle would need my services in the future. My best friends uncle not only was at my doctor but he helped the jinx plumbing community by fixing up worn down or abandon homes around the area. When he would fix these homes up to resell or rent he would need some plumbing services done. Since I had the connection from my best friend. And we have grown that connection over the years. I was able to slide into that position for taking Care.of my doctors Jenks Plumbing needs.

Medicine that I’ve never really understood how it works in life I’m sure there’s a mathematical formula to figure it out but you never ever ever want to burn a bridge or a connection with someone with whom you met especially in the Tulsa plumbing community because you never know when you will need each other or cross paths again in the future doors always open their windows always open if something closes another path opens in those connections will always benefit New Year’s in the future. Just imagine if it was still back in Adam and Eve‘s day when we went to be thousands and thousands of years you wouldn’t want to live a little fight or argument for a while years of friendship. When you lived thousands and thousands of years old Think of being best Best friends with another woman tells a person. You could have multiple multiple best friends.

They can come and go into the plumbing Tulsa community and back into the jeans for me or even over into Boston and then back again in your life so you can be best friends for 10 to 20 years and then not see each other for 100 and then be best friends again for 10 to 20 years. So you can see how you don’t want to ever burn bridges when you look at a grand scheme like a long time like you’re going to want me a time to meet and greet everybody. So it stands to reason that you wouldn’t even want to do it in a small period of time I know the average lifespan is only 80 years but this connection is the Bella and you never know how God‘s going t to your advantage.

So when I met one of my best friends back in ninth grade and the belt started to begin to build that connection I never would’ve dreamed that it would end up taking my future business and career internationally so that I can go overseas and teach Tulsa plumbing into other countries and other schools. It is an experience of a phenomenon that I can’t even explain the blessings and opportunities as to how God used people in my life and times when I needed him to open these doors and make this happen. Not only was going to the Bahamas getting to teach all of those children a trade for the first time in their life or that will probably ever hear words like that again is just overwhelming and surreal as to how a local plumbing Tulsa.

Boy can go from fry cook in the kitchen all the way to halfway around the world teaching Tulsa plumbing school the next generation. So I want to encourage everyone at reading this don’t ever underestimate yourself or your values don’t care what anybody else says don’t get in a fight and burn a bridge because you never ever know the day before I got asked to go overseas I had no prospects nothing going on it was kind a demon gloom I don’t even know what kind of excitement or what kind of impression I was going to put on this world before I left and then this opportunity comes if you really want to serve I think God will help find away for you and he he’ll find a way through my best friends uncle who is just a server at heart like I said he’s a fantastic guy will talk about more about bonding and what types of plumbing jobs we did for the eye doctor as we got closer and closer together This is why I gave his confidence in me as a person to invite us to go help the island of the Bahamas. The whole time I was developing my skills as a plumber. The Tulsa plumbing my doctor also developed his schools as a server by passing out classes to the local Tulsa plumbing community.

If you want to ever learn more about the Tulsa plumbing I doctor and how his ministry is change the Bahamas look into the name of his ministry is called vision for children. It is a great organization and its nonprofit you can donate to it and what he does as he goes around and passes out classes to all the kids that are actively enrolled in school and need some kind of vision help. He also helps the adults as well. He’s become famous on the island I would say almost as famous ay. Is Ernest Hemingway