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We have been using One Way Plumbing for nearly ten years and they have always been great to work with. The amount of knowledge Chad has in the plumbing industry is incredible. Their workers are courteous and respectful and always do their best to be on time. If however, they are running late they make it a priority to call and let us know what time they will arrive.

James Lambert

Very professional and reliable company. Friendly service and reasonable rates. I would be happy to recommend One Way plumbing to anyone in the market for a plumber.

Stephanie Rose

One Way Plumbing

As the plumbing Tulsa experts, we value your time, therefore we show up WHEN we say it – you can count on it!

We present ourselves professionally, clean cut, and wearing belts. Sorry, no butt crack views offered with our service.

We do practically all plumbing Tulsa jobs except for unclogging drains that require a special snake. We can unclog most drains without a messy snake.

We communicate and advise you of any rare changes in our agreed schedule BEFORE the appointment time.

If you have an urgent issue, we’ll talk you through possible solutions if we are not immediately available to go to your location.

As plumbing Tulsa specialists, we love to give free estimates and provide you a few options to consider before making your decision.

A Typical Plumber

It’s anyone’s guess when they will show up. When they give you a time, it’s an approximation of sometime that week.

They are among the infamous plumbers who proudly reveal their butt crack to all who care to watch them work.

They unclog drains in a way that causes the feces to splatter everywhere. Then, they typically spread that feces from their shoe throughout your home for no additional cost.

If there is a change in the schedule, you are not notified until they show up, leaving you unsure and guessing when they will arrive.

They will not give advice over the phone because they are more focused on making a buck rather than helping a person in need

They hate giving free estimates and will sometimes charge for an estimate that is focused on maximizing their profits versus giving you the best solution at the best value.